Reminder that 10 states have banned the use of credit history checks in the hiring process

Law bookAll the talk is about ‘Ban the Box’ laws for criminal history checks in the hiring process.  However, there are 10 states that have banned the use of credit history checks in the hiring process.  As a reminder, here’s the list of those 10 states which have banned credit checks:


  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Connecticut
  4. Hawaii
  5. Illinois
  6. Maryland
  7. Nevada
  8. Oregon
  9. Vermont
  10. Washington


Employers in those states should ensure that their background screening and hiring processes do not include the use of credit history checks.

CARCO Donates a TrackChair to Wounded Soldier SGT Eric Hunter

On June 9, 2014, CARCO again worked with 4 Wheel 2 Heal and donated a TrackChair to wounded soldier SGT Eric Hunter and his family at the Walter Reed National Medical Center, giving him the freedom of mobility.


Second Track Chair DonationAlong with SGT Hunter and his family, In attendance were Jim Owens, CARCO’s CEO and President, John Davidson, CARCO’s VP of Operations, and John Purser, Nate Ramos and Pam King from 4 Wheel 2 Heal.

Amendment to Delaware Background Checks Law

Law bookOn June 4th, the Delaware senate passed S.B. 98, which would amend Delaware law to add statutory requirements that several professions require background checks and ban people convicted of certain crimes from working in them. The bill would require any person who seeks to become a board certified podiatrist, chiropractor, physician, occupational therapist, optometrist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, speech

pathologist, audiologist, or hearing aid dispenser submit to fingerprinting and background checks, at their own expense. The bill would prohibit any of those professional boards from licensing an individual with a felony sexual offense, and would require them to permanently revoke any board certification of a person who is

convicted of a felony sexual offense.

D.C. Ban the Box Initiative – Preliminary Approval

On June 3rd, the D.C. Council voted 12 to 1 to preliminarily approve the Fair Criminal Record Screening Act, which would restrict an employer’s use of a job applicant’s criminal history. The bill would ban employers from screening applicants based on a criminal record, would allow employers to conduct a criminal background check only after an initial job offer is extended, and would prevent an employer from withdrawing a job offer unless there is a, “legitimate business reason,” which would have to be explained in writing upon the applicant’s request. Several committee members said they would seek further changes to the bill before a final vote on July 14th, but even the lone nay vote supported the “basic thrust,” of the legislation.


Check back with us for updates on this bill.