A Class Action Lawsuit Bonanza: FCRA Lawsuits Increase Almost 60% In One Month

October 26, 2017 |

According to a report by WebRecon, from September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017, 556 consumers filed FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) complaints, 245 of which are class actions (44.1%). That’s a 58.4% increase from August 2017.

Year to date, 3,328 FCRA lawsuits have been filed!

Here’s the good news for Cisive and its clients! With 3,328 FCRA suits filed this year, NOT ONE is against Cisive or any of its clients!! That’s because Cisive works with its clients to establish and enforce strict compliance procedures to eliminate exposure and provides them with the best tools to comply.

Compliance is key!

Noncompliance can be costly for everyone! At Cisive, we ensure accuracy and FCRA compliance through primary source verification and perfecting of criminal records. Our background screening philosophy is always to minimize exposure from disparate impact while reducing negligent hiring risk.

The growing number of FCRA lawsuits listed below is indicative of the current litigious environment and shows that companies need more help than ever to ensure compliance.

January 2017 – 418 filings

February 2017 – 256 filings

March 2017 – 406 filings

April 2017 – 266 filings

May 2017 – 378 filings

June 2017 – 386 filings

July 2017 – 302 filings

August 2017 – 351 filings

September 2017 – 556 filings

For more information on how to keep your company out of harm’s way, read Cisive’s informative white paper, FCRA Required Pre-decision and Adverse Action – Failure to Notify Opens the Door for a Class Action Lawsuit.

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