Another Case of Resume Falsification

March 27, 2014 | Bryan Barajas

Pinocchio ImageManhattan College Coach Steve Masiello was to be the next head coach of the Bulls at the University of South Florida until a falsification on his resume was found during a routine  background check.  Apparently, he stated on his resume that he received a degree in communications from the University of Kentucky, which was incorrect.  He did attend the university but he did not graduate.


As a result of this situation, he not only did not get the new coaching job, but was also put on leave from his current job at Manhattan College.


According to SHRM research, approximately 53% of resumes and job applications contain falsifications and 70% of those surveyed said they would lie on their resume to get the job they want.  So, how do you know who you are hiring?  A thorough background check is the way to know.


CARCO Group can assist you in creating a robust background screening program that is cost effective, customizable and compliant.


Started in 1977 as a background screening company, CARCO has evolved to become a full-service HR partner, helping clients manage their new hire process in standalone solutions or integrated with their Applicant Tracking System. CARCO’s Onboarding Solution eliminates paper processes and ensures efficient and compliant hiring. Full-service offerings include background screening products, electronic I-9/E-Verify processes, vendor screening, and drug testing.


Contact a CARCO Specialist today at 866-557-5984 or [email protected].

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