Are you looking to improve your candidate experience? Here are 5 ways Cisive’s Onboarding Solution can help

October 5, 2016 | Bryan Barajas

Attracting qualified candidates is difficult in this very competitive and candidate-driven market. According to a recent survey by Aberdeen Group, 45% of companies say improving the candidate experience is their top talent acquisition priority in 2016. Therefore, how recruiters and talent acquisition teams deliver the candidate experience has never been more important.

The better the candidate experience, the more likely your company can attract the best hire. A great onboarding system will organize and streamline the process and give candidates a positive experience. An engaging and positive candidate experience will ensure a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top performers!

Cisive’s Onboarding Solution was designed to focus on the user experience; both the users who will be reviewing background reports in our system and the candidates who will be interacting with our system.

Here’s how Cisive’s Onboarding Solution will help you stand out from the competition.

  1. Automates and organizes the hiring process:  Cisive’s Onboarding Solution was built specifically to alleviate paper-based, time-consuming and labor-intensive new hire processes. Through the use of Cisive’s Onboarding portal, candidates can upload documentation such as education transcripts and/or employment paystubs or statements which may be used to supplement the background report.
  2. Guides candidates throughout the process: Cisive’s Request For Information module (RFI) automatically sends out an email that identifies the elements missing from the application and asks the recipient to take specific action using our Onboarding Solution, including uploading specific documents directly into Cisive’s portal. The candidate will know where he or she stands throughout the entire process.
  3. It’s mobile friendly: Mobile devices have changed the way HR and candidates operate.  Cisive’s mobile app, available in iOS and Android, allows end users to securely submit supporting documents by taking pictures of the documents with their smart phones or tablets. This application uses a QR code to establish login context and is used by the mobile app to identify which documents are required.  The mobile app then walks the candidate through the process seamlessly.  The candidate is prompted to take pictures of their missing documentation, which is then sent securely (the transmission is encrypted) by the mobile app directly to Cisive’s servers for processing.  The pictures of the documents are not stored on the mobile device for security purposes.
  4. Keeps the process efficient: Not one piece of information ever needs to be retyped by a user in our system. In a paper based environment, this is impossible to avoid. In Cisive’s advanced, rules- based electronic environment, this can be effectively managed for the user, preventing any duplicate data entry. This is an important CARCO differentiator and it means that the candidates, recruiters, and other stakeholders are prompted to provide all data, e-sign all forms, and upload any supporting documents all at the time of their initial entry.  In addition to making internal HR and security tasks more efficient, this also strikes at the heart of improving the candidate experience.
  5. Provides e-signature capability: Cisive has extensive capabilities for accepting online candidate consents, in addition to other documents. Candidates can e-sign the online consent directly in Cisive’s Onboarding Solution.  Alternatively, candidates or recruiters can upload a paper-signed consent using our portal directly or via our mobile application for providing documentation. In a typical implementation, most or all candidates e-sign consents, including the authorization for performing the background investigation (FCRA authorization), directly in the portal.

In the end, an organized and streamlined onboarding process will make the candidate feel valued, supported and prepared to move forward with your company in a positive manner.

For more information on how Cisive’s Onboarding Solution can ensure a positive candidate and new hire experience, click here or call 1-866-557-5984 to speak to a Cisive Specialist.

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