California Limits Testing for Marijuana: Where Does This Leave Employers?

November 21, 2022 | Shannon Shoemaker
California’s AB 2188[1] passed the Legislature on August 30 and was approved by the Governor on September 18, 2022. The new law imposes limitations on...
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3 Key DE&I Initiatives for 2023 and Beyond

November 15, 2022 | Jenni Gray
DE&I stands for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In recent years, organizations across the United States have been making more intentional efforts to ensure a diverse...
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How Compensation Transparency is Changing Hiring and Recruiting Processes

September 26, 2022 | Shannon Shoemaker
According to a press release from Indeed, beginning July 18 of this year nearly every position on Indeed’s site now has a salary — either...
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New State Court Rules May Pose Challenges for Background Screening

July 5, 2022 | Shannon Shoemaker
Recent developments in Michigan and California may be a sign of a larger, nationwide (and global) shift toward increased protection of personal data. This can help...
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Driver iQ Product Series Part 4: Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

June 7, 2022 | Jenni Gray
In transportation, there are four reports that most employers will request when reviewing applicants for driving positions at their company. These are:  MVR: Motor Vehicle...
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Top Talent Acquisition Strategies for the New Normal

June 6, 2022 | Shannon Shoemaker
The pandemic completely changed the recruiting and hiring landscape. Two years later, recruiters and hiring managers must adjust their talent acquisitions to meet the demands...
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Should Your Organization Run Reference Checks?

May 31, 2022 | Jenni Gray
What are reference checks? Reference checking is the process of a potential employer contacting the previous employers or schools of an applicant to verify information...
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Cisive Product Highlight: Social Media Screening

May 25, 2022 | Jenni Gray
In this Cisive Product Highlight series, we’ll review key tools to consider when screening your workforce, as well as tips and best practices when ordering...
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How to Reduce the Risk of Bias in Your Hiring AI

May 24, 2022 | Antique Nguyen
Different types of bias, whether intentional or unintentional, have been a concern among HR departments for decades. In fact, psychologists have defined more than 180...
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5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss When Planning the Return to Office

May 17, 2022 | Shannon Shoemaker
Two years into a global pandemic, with several stops and starts, many employers are planning a return to an in-person or hybrid work model (in-person...
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