Are you looking for an Onboarding Experience that is Candidate-Centric?


Are you looking for an Onboarding Experience that is Candidate-Centric?

CARCO can help!


We are all about making the onboarding and background screening process of your new hires as easy and efficient as possible via our industry-leading technology.

New hire productivity is critically important for every organization. Too often new hires begin their experience burdened with cumbersome paperwork!

Let CARCO take the onerous, paper-based new hire process out of your hands and make it completely automated and compliant. CARCO’s Onboarding Solution will streamline your process, reduce time-to-fill and provide your applicants an efficient and positive onboarding experience with your company before they even start!

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A Positive Employee Experience Starts with an Efficient Onboarding Process

iStock_000017261466Large Onboarding Sell Sheet  Good news! You’ve found the right candidate who accepted your offer letter!  Now it’s time to onboard that person in a positive way which may  help set the tone for his or her entire experience at your company.  First Impressions Count!  

Did you know that the average company is losing 1 in 6 of their new hires each month within three months of hire?  The average cost to replace an employee can run as much as two times the annual salary. Let’s not forget the effect on morale and productivity, as well as lost insider knowledge.

Onboarding is the best way to begin positive new employee engagement and boost overall retention rates.   

The Aberdeen Group reported that 66 percent of companies with onboarding programs claimed a higher rate of successful assimilation of new hires into company culture, 62 percent had higher time-to-productivity ratios, and 54 percent reported higher employee engagement.    

Most companies start the onboarding process before the new employee begins employment.  Rather than having a stack of papers waiting for review and signature, an efficient onboarding system provides a portal that the new employee can access from his or her home computer or mobile device to complete the process before starting with the company. 

An effective onboarding system is one that is designed specifically to make your new hire process easy and streamlined by eliminating manual, paper-based processes in favor of a proactive task oriented, self-service solution!

Imagine your new hire forms (including offer letter, employment screening FCRA consent form, background check processing and reports, welcome letter, training schedule, etc.) are stored in one place for easy access.

Then imagine the benefits to your new hire of an automated, mobile friendly, easy to use onboarding system that engages with proactive tasks and reduces the amount of time the candidate spends in the process.    

To see how CARCO’s Onboarding Solution can help your company ensure that each onboarding experience is a positive one and to see a demo of our software, click here or call a CARCO Specialist at 866-557-5984.    

Employee Retention Starts With CARCO’s Onboarding Solution

Onboarding Dashboard

DID YOU KNOW?  A shortage of talent has become the No. 1 challenge for companies, according to a 2015 Recruiting Outlook Report by What’s more, nearly half of all hiring decision-makers say they don’t see enough qualified candidates for open positions, and 26 percent expect the challenge will only increase in the coming year, the report said.


With all of the hard work that goes into finding, vetting and hiring qualified employees, once you’ve hired them, it’s important to be able to keep them!  Now more than ever, it is essential to introduce a new employee into your company with a positive onboarding experience!


CARCO can help!  Our Onboarding Solution ensures a smooth onboarding experience.  It is easy to use, customizable to your company’s needs, automated, and compliant!  CARCO’s Onboarding Solution can be integrated with your company’s ATS or used in a standalone mode.


Either way, it’s a winning solution for your company and your new employees.  Click here to learn more about how CARCO’s Onboarding Solution can help with your company’s employee retention and view our Onboarding demo.