Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

September 12, 2023 | Michelle Smith

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an annual event that celebrates the contributions of professional truck drivers in the U.S.


Key Takeaways

  1. Truck drivers are crucial to our economy and our daily lives
  2. Drivers deserve to be celebrated!
  3. You can get involved in National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, whether you’re representing a company, or just an individual wanting to say thanks.


Table of Contents

  1. History of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
  2. What our clients have to say about their drivers
  3. How you can get involved


This week-long celebration is a time to recognize and express our gratitude to the 3.5 million people who transport goods safely across the nation, keeping our economy moving efficiently.

From delivering food and medicine to transporting essential goods, these dedicated professional drivers are the backbone of American commerce, often working long hours under challenging conditions.

So, how did this appreciation week get started, and why is it so important to celebrate these unsung highway heroes?

Let’s delve into the history of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and see what our clients have to say!


How did National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Begin?

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was started by the American Trucking Associations in 1998 to ensure the hard work, commitment, and crucial role of professional truck drivers were nationally recognized and celebrated.

It takes place the second week of September annually. The event has grown in significance and popularity, with an increasing number of businesses and communities taking part in the festivities each year.

The week stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to honoring the professionals who, rain or shine, ensure the timely delivery of essential goods across our nation.


Our clients celebrate their drivers

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their drivers and how they’re celebrating:

Brown Integration Logistics, Inc.

“This week, at Brown Trucking Co. we take the time to thank you, our professional commercial vehicle operators, for your professionalism and commitment to safety.

Thank you for everything you do day in and day out. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Thank you for your loyalty to Brown Trucking Co. National Driver Appreciation Week is an opportunity for us to express our sincere gratitude for our CVO’s and for making Brown Trucking Co. what it is today.

So thank you for the long hours and many miles. They matter. You matter. Please continue to be Safe!”

-Kristene Turner, VP, Safety and Recruiting


Dart Transit Company

“Drivers are the backbone of our economy and almost everything you and I as consumers use has been touched by a truck driver. Celebrating what they do for us during this week is the least we can do for them; they are the ones who are working on the road for 2-3 weeks at a time, picking up and delivering freight on time away from their families, missing out on important days and milestones. We take it for granted as we get to experience it day in and day out.

I tell people often the one small thing that occurred during COVID for a brief period was drivers finally began being recognized as essential and someone we depend on and without them, we struggle to function. How many photos did we see of empty shelves, no toilet paper, and no paper towels? When a driver pulled up with a semi-load of it they were heroes delivering presents like Santa on Christmas morning. Why does that appreciation need to end? It shouldn’t, and at Dart, we aim to celebrate drivers daily in our actions and what we do for them.”

-Matt Zarras, VP of Recruiting


Grammer Logistics

“Our fleet comprises over 500 professional drivers located across the country. As an expression of our appreciation, this year we’re sending each of them a gift package containing essential items for their time on the road. These gift boxes will include branded merchandise, electronic tire gauges, and a first aid kit. These tokens of appreciation will be delivered to our drivers’ homes during Driver Appreciation Week.

Additionally, throughout the week, several members of our management team will be visiting our terminals and remote locations to personally convey our thanks to as many of our drivers as possible. Grammer Logistics eagerly anticipates celebrating the finest drivers in the industry!”

-Josh Mecca, Director of Recruiting


Knight-Swift Transportation

“For those of us at Knight-Swift who have the privilege of serving our Driving Associates and Owner Operators, we are humbled and grateful.

The men and women who make up our driving force embody the greatest qualities. They are humble, dedicated, and committed to safety. Thank you for choosing to work with us, and thank you for your incredible service to our country.”

-David Tillman, VP, Safety-Recruiting-Driver Development


Total Transportation of Mississippi

“In today’s climate, drivers need us more than ever and that is why National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is something we at Total look forward to each year, but most importantly a time we must band together and show appreciation to these amazing individuals who make unprecedented sacrifices daily.

Through my nine years working with such great people in this industry, I have witnessed firsthand the impact truck drivers have on our everyday lives and it has changed my outlook on business, being a professional, and as a person. My eyes have truly been opened to what all drivers do impacting the world economy and the value of making a difference.

It costs zero dollars to tell a driver thank you and very little effort to stick your hand out to say thank you.

Showing continuous appreciation to such extraordinary people is a pillar that we must exhaust options to keep standing.”

-Destin Smith, Director, Recruiting


Ways You Can Show Appreciation

For companies:
  1. Host a Recognition Event: Coordinate a special event such as a breakfast or luncheon in their honor. This not only provides a platform to thank them personally for the important jobs they do, but also fosters a sense of community and belonging.
  2. Reward Programs: Implement a reward program to recognize the hard work of your truck drivers. This could be in the form of bonuses, gift cards, or even extra days off.
  3. Personalized Gifts: Show your appreciation by presenting drivers with customized gifts that they can use on the job. This could be anything from branded company apparel to travel mugs or high-quality thermos.


For individuals:
  1. Personal Tokens of Appreciation: A small gift or note expressing your gratitude can mean a lot to truck drivers. This could be a simple card with a heartfelt thank you message, a home-cooked meal they can enjoy on the road, or a practical gift like a pair of quality gloves for the winter.
  2. Supportive Messages on Social Media: Take to your social media platforms to share your appreciation for truck drivers. This could be a story about a positive experience you had with a truck driver, a shoutout to a truck driver you know, or simply a thank you message to all truck drivers. Remember to use hashtags like #NationalTruckDriverAppreciationWeek to increase the reach of your message.
  3. Advocacy: Speak up about the importance of the trucking industry and the work truck drivers do. This could be through writing a letter to your local newspaper, contacting your elected officials to advocate for policies that benefit truck drivers, or even just educating your friends and family about the vital role truck drivers play in our society.



As we wrap up, let’s remember that National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is not just about recognizing the hard work and dedication of truck drivers, but also about taking active steps to show our gratitude.

Whether you’re a company, part of the trucking community, or an individual, there are numerous ways to participate. From hosting recognition events to posting on social media — every action counts.

Let’s come together every second week of September to thank those who work tirelessly to keep our nation moving!


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