Having trouble recruiting valuable employees? Here are 5 big recruiting trends for 2016 that might help.

May 3, 2016 | Bryan Barajas

you-hired-word-writing-banner-55916299      Hiring and retaining valued employees continues to be very challenging for most hiring managers. However, experts say that hiring forecasts for 2016 remain strong. To be successful in this candidate driven market, employers must develop a strategic plan.  According to Roy Maurer of HR Magazine, here are some of the recruiting trends experts anticipate this year that should be incorporated into your strategic plan:


  1. Focus on employer branding will grow:  Valuable candidates are in the driver’s seat!  Job seekers are very sophisticated and interested in working with the top companies that offer the values they are interested in. They do their research! Showcasing your employer brand has never been more important. Best practice is to focus on the individual’s needs and match those needs with unique opportunities in your organization.
  2. Use of talent analytics will increase: Analyzing data to measure and improve hiring is critical. As HR and recruiting find the best ways to gather and understand data they will have better insight into issues concerning future and current employees, the best workplace options, and competitor talent pools.
  3. Employers will broaden their sourcing scope: The current lack of qualified candidates is causing organizational leaders to look into developing talent internally, using their internship programs to usher young talent into their employee pipeline, and fundamentally changing their hiring criteria.
  4. HR will look to repair the candidate experience: Organizations are strengthening their onboarding process to ensure that candidates can easily find and apply for open positions. A robust onboarding process is also a way for the company to stay engaged with candidates throughout the hiring process and ensure their onboarding is as easy and efficient as possible.
  5. HR technologies will integrate: A consolidation of tools and cross platform expansion will continue this year at a slow pace as talent acquisition technology shifts from using multiple platforms to utilizing a single platform. 

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