New credit reporting changes are problematic for positions regulated under FINRA. CARCO FAST can help!

August 2, 2016 | Bryan Barajas

 According to an article by, the major credit reporting agencies are working on a big change that could bolster a lot of people’s credit scores.

As part of the National Consumer Assistance Plan, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are planning to significantly reduce the amount of tax-lien and civil-judgment information found in consumer credit files by July 2017. The changes will enhance credit reporting accuracy and make credit information more transparent and user-friendly for consumers.

However, the changes will present a problem in vetting candidates for regulated positions under FINRA that require verification of liens, judgements and civil actions.

Cisive’s Financial Anomalies Search Technology (FAST) can help!  FAST provides compliance officers and recruiters a means to match regulated candidates self-disclosures regarding public civil records, liens or judgments in compliance with Federal, State, or local laws and regulations.  FAST is provided in a two-phase approach so users do not have to pay for research on items that are already disclosed and self-explanatory. Phase I results are provided in an unverified form that allows the user to easily compare those results against the regulated candidate’s disclosures on any applicable personal history form such as the FINRA U-4 or U-5 forms.  When the comparison between the self-disclosures and the Cisive FAST is complete, the reviewer initiates Phase II by selecting specific reported records for further research at the source to obtain accurate, complete, and up to date records matched to the candidate that are actionable.  By allowing the reviewer to identify unmatched records before perfecting those records, research time and cost do not have to be expended for those records that match and have already been disclosed by the candidate.

Regulated entities have already struggled with the limitations of credit reports. However, when this change takes place, credit reports will no longer be any part of the solution to verify liens or judgments.

Cisive’s FAST is a unique product offered by no other company that can be the solution!

For more information on Cisive’s FAST, contact a Specialist at 1-866-557-5984 or click here.

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