NYC Extends its Existing Ban the Box Law to Private Employers

June 11, 2015 | Bryan Barajas

bantheboxThe New York City Council voted to require private employers to remove criminal convictions questions from job applications.  The Fair Chance Act will delay the background check until an applicant can demonstrate qualifications and is given a conditional offer of employment.  However, employers who are legally prohibited from hiring people with certain convictions must still do so.


It is important for New York employers to remember they cannot use unrelated convictions when making employment decisions. And now they cannot ask about criminal convictions until a conditional offer of employment is made to the applicant.  This bill will make certain that all public and private employers are considering applicants based on their skills, experience, and qualifications.


According to City Council Member Jumaane Williams, “This law will ensure that all New Yorkers, including those with convictions for previous mistakes, will have an equal opportunity to compete for jobs that they qualify for.”


NYC joins more than 100 cities and counties and 17 states that have adopted Ban the Box laws; most of which do NOT cover private employers.   For a full listing of Ban the Box laws, visit CARCO’s website at



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