St. Louis Bans the Box

October 30, 2014 | Bryan Barajas

The city of St. Louis is ‘banning the box’ on its city job application. However, criminal background checks will still be used for certain jobs.

St. Louis Ban the BoxMayor Francis Slay with State Senator Jamilah Nasheed announced that the city will no longer require job candidates to check a box on their application if they have a felony conviction.

The Mayor says while the city does not automatically disqualify candidates, who have felony convictions, some may think that is the case if they see the box on the application.

Slay believes banning the box removes an employment barrier for people convicted of crimes.

‘We`re really not changing our approach to who we hire, it`s just how we do it. We`re banning the box and we`re going to make sure we get the best possible employees for the positions we have,’ said Mayor Slay.

Nasheed says she will introduce ‘ban the box’ legislation on the state level.

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