State Developments: Newly Enacted Background Check Legislation

May 3, 2017 | Bryan Barajas

STATE DEVELOPMENTS – Below is a listing of newly enacted background check legislation:

  • ArizonaB. 2247: Requires each person who applies for a school bus driver certificate to submit an identity verified fingerprint card. H.B. 2196: Includes criminal background check provisions for applicants and employees of residential care institutions. S.B. 1380: Amends criminal background screening requirements for individuals who apply for child welfare agency licensing.
  • ArkansasB. 1440: Amends criminal background check requirements for paid canvassers. H.B. 2000: Requires employers to provide employees or applicants of employment a copy of their background check upon request;
  • IowaF. 419: Requires criminal history background check requirements for applicants for nursing licenses. H.F. 547: Requires temporary staffing agencies to conduct background investigations of employees staffing health care providers ;
  • MontanaB. 362: Prohibits the licensing board from disseminating criminal history information across state lines;
  • North DakotaB. 1097: Requires a criminal background screening for applicants of nursing licenses;
  • OklahomaB. 1448: Requires applicants for an original chiropractic license to undergo a national criminal background check; and
  • West VirginiaB. 386: Requires criminal history background checks for those who work, volunteer, or operate medical marijuana dispensaries.


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