The 10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016

September 23, 2015 | Bryan Barajas

iStock_000017261466Large Onboarding Sell SheetIt’s no secret in the HR/Talent Acquisition world that the biggest business challenge right now is finding and retaining good employees.  There are some industries that are being hit harder than others.  Unfortunately, according to SHRM’s recent article entitled “The10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016”, it appears that “next year is shaping up to be even tougher as corporate pressure mounts to attract candidates who match the skill sets most in demand. “

Companies are being more creative and flexible with their talent acquisition strategies by using workforce planning and predictive analytics to create a solid recruitment strategy well before any specific jobs need to be filled. Some companies are establishing relationships with colleges as recruitment sources, while others are targeting specific groups as sources for quality candidates.


As the workforce continues to age and technology continues to evolve, demand for qualified employees will rise. While companies should focus on finding the right strategy to find qualified employees, it is also more important than ever to ensure that every touch point in your hiring process is a positive one for new employees – from onboarding to background screening to orientation and getting the employee up to speed and assimilated in an effective and efficient manner.


As many HR/Talent Acquisition managers know, it’s only half the battle to recruit qualified employees.  The other half is retain them!


To see the full list of toughest jobs to fill, go to:


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