The Business Impact of Integrating Your Applicant Tracking and Background Screening Solutions

November 9, 2017 |

If you are a recruiter or human resources professional working for an enterprise or mid-market size organization, you are more than likely using an applicant tracking solution (ATS) to manage several tasks.  These include managing job requisitions, posting open jobs to your career site, distributing them on job boards, social media and your employee referral program, sourcing and nurturing talent, communicating with candidates at key milestones, and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs) to management.

You also should be using an NAPBS-accredited employment background screening solutions provider to safeguard your organization, employees, customers and the public by ensuring that you do not hire or continue to employ an individual who may pose a risk in the position for which they’ve applied. With your employment screening provider, you are collecting data and required forms from candidates per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), state, local, country-specific, and industry-specific legislation and regulations, validating information provided by candidates, and reviewing completed background check reports and determining whether to initiate the Adverse Action process based upon information that may not meet your hiring criteria. Let’s not forget the relevant Ban-the-Box legislation.

Integration Benefits

While you may have selected best-in-class ATS and background screening providers, if they’re not seamlessly integrated you may be leaving elements of efficiency, security and user experience on the table.  Integrating background screening with your ATS has several benefits, such as:

  • Improving recruiting and HR productivity
  • Increasing accuracy by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Improving candidate experience
  • Helping to ensure compliance
  • Improving time service
  • Aiding productivity by providing real-time status

Your recruiting and HR team members, as well as your candidates, will appreciate the increased efficiency, security, and compliance gained by integrating your ATS and background screening solution providers.  Your internal teams will become more productive, as time spent toggling between systems to enter data from the ATS to the screening solution will be a thing of the past. So too will separately logging in to your screening solution to check status or view completed reports . Simply view status from the ATS dashboard and via single sign-on click to view completed reports.

Security and data integrity will be dramatically improved by integrating and automating processes, and creating a paperless process. There is also a cost-savings from not printing forms, documents and reports. A best-in-class, NAPBS-accredited background screening provider can protect your organization from compliance violations by ensuring the right, legally-compliant forms and documents are completed and electronically signed at the beginning of the background check process.  And last, you will preserve your organizations exceptional candidate experience, as candidates will enjoy the ease-of-use and transparency of your employment screening process.

Learn More

Click here to read Cisive’s informative white paper containing detailed information on the benefits of integrating your ATS with your background screening solution.


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