Top 10 Reasons to Implement a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

April 10, 2019 | Antique Nguyen

Stories about America’s opioid drug epidemic, the growing popularity of marijuana use and binging alcohol consumption have been dominating the headlines. Drug use by the American workforce remains at its highest rate in more than a decade.

Both employers and employees have a responsibility to contribute to a productive, confident, comfortable and safe workplace. No employer is immune to drug use or abuse; literally, every company in every state faces these issues. The initiative for employers to implement a comprehensive and compliant drug and alcohol screening program has never been more evident. An effective workplace drug testing policy, combined with clear procedures and proper education, can help employers benefit in multiple ways.

Here are the top 10 reasons to implement and maintain a workplace drug and alcohol screening program:

1. Provide a Safe Workplace

Implementing a drug and alcohol screening program is proven to help to reduce on-the-job accidents and crime involving drugs.

2. Improve Company Morale

Drug and alcohol screening programs are critical to a safe work environment, fosters a positive corporate culture and shows your employees that you are committed to their success!

3. Enhance Employee Productivity

A drug testing program can help to reduce unscheduled leave, absences, tardiness, and employee turnover.

4. Deter Drug Use and Rehabilitate Employees

Pre-employment drug testing helps to prevent hiring individuals who use illicit drugs. Post-hire testing maintains the integrity of your safety screening program. The goal of most drug and alcohol screening programs is to encourage an employee with a substance abuse problem to seek treatment, recover, and return to work.

5. Improve Company Image

Drug and alcohol screening programs can help to boost consumer confidence around your product quality, safety, reputation, and employment best practices.

6. Protect Employees, Customers, and the Public

Drug testing protects employees, customers, and the public from employees using drugs; it can also help to keep employees safe from harm and employers safe from liability.

7. Comply with State Laws and Federal Regulations

Employers are responsible for understanding and adhering to state and Federal laws. Companies that have employees conducting safety-sensitive or federally regulated work (truck drivers, bus drivers, pilots, boat captains, rail workers, etc.) must have screening programs that meet specific drug & alcohol testing requirements. Implementing a policy that complies with state and federal laws solidifies your blueprint for success.

8. Keep Employers and Employees Educated

A comprehensive screening program provides tools & education for employees and managers as to the benefits from a drug-free workplace, as well as information about the physical effects of drug use and the nature of addiction.

9. Federal Grants & Contractual Requirements

Under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1998, most companies seeking contracts with the government must maintain a drug-free workplace. The same is true for companies that operate from a state or federal grant and companies that provide subcontracting work where substance abuse screening is commonly a requirement.

10. Overall Cost Savings Improve Your Bottom Line

The benefits of implementing a drug-free workplace program include reduced workers’ compensation filings, reduced healthcare costs, and fewer accidents. More discrete savings for employers include improved employee morale, creativity and emotional stability, and potential financial incentives (insurance premiums, unemployment, claim reductions, etc.). As a result of these savings and cost reductions, the net profit of your business improves.

In addition to meeting regulatory and program specific requirements, employers should consider implementing a policy and related procedures that address the particular issues and needs in their workplace. This approach increases the likelihood that you will achieve positive results in the form of reduced drug use and liabilities; with an increase in compliance, communication, execution, and overall program success!

Best-in-Class Drug Screening Services

Cisive provides a fully integrated, best-in-class drug and alcohol testing, and in-house medical review solution with integrations to all major certified laboratories, supporting Urine, Saliva, Breath/Alcohol, Hair and Blood testing and program services.  The electronic Chain of Custody Process (e-COC) is completely configured within Cisive’s Onboarding portal where clients have complete visibility into drug screening test results including applicant registration, confirmation of actual collection, or no-show — through MRO (medical review officer) and final result. All testing is done in accordance with the appropriate, relevant, and acceptable local/national standards.

For more information on Cisive’s integrated Drug Screening services, please visit our website, call us at 866-557-5984 or email [email protected].



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