Best HR Analytics Software in 2024

  • February 26, 2024
  • Keisha Drechsler
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Top 6 H.R. Analytics Software to Transform Talent Management

Most companies use data to drive decisions as much as possible. Metrics help guide leaders on everything from forecasting revenue to managing inventory and retaining customers.

However many companies struggle to access and apply data when making HR management decisions. HR analytics software is the tool that can solve this issue. 

Human resource analytics tools can be a substantial investment, which can be daunting as you evaluate your options. 

In this article, you’ll find a breakdown of six best HR analytics software options along with some insights to help you decide which option could best serve your company. 



Key Takeaways

        • HR analytics software will pay you back in better hiring decisions. 
        • The data will enable better budgeting and management within your HR department. 
        • Choose a tool that can consolidate and present data from your various systems. 
        • Look for security features like multi-factor identification, intrusion detection and encryption. 
        • Ease of use is critical if you want your employees to effectively use the tool. 


Table of Contents 

  1. What Is HR Analytics Software? 
  2. How to Evaluate HR Analytics Software 
  3. 6 Top HR Analytics Software
  4. Streamline Your HR Analytics with Cisive 


What Is HR Analytics Software? 

HR analytics software collects complex data about your workforce so you can analyze performance and make informed human resources decisions.

An investment in this software, which is also known as “people analytics software,” gives you access to critical information on your recruiting efforts, turnover rates, employee engagement, skill gaps, attendance and more.  


How to Evaluate HR Analytics Software 

The goal in selecting an HR analytics software solution is to choose a tool that will provide relevant, actionable insights to help reduce turnover, make recruiting efforts more effective, identify training needs, achieve diversity goals and boost employee satisfaction.  


Integration Capability 

The last thing you need is another system that doesn’t work well with your existing platforms. Choose an HR analytics software that integrates with your CMS, ATS, HCM, payroll and other software and centralizes your complex workforce data in one place. 


Value for Price 

A good HR analytics tool offers a variety of helpful features for HR teams at competitive prices. There may be cheaper options out there, but those may not provide much lift to your business. Choose only tools that offer a good return on investment.  


User Interface/Usability 

The software should be easy to navigate so your HR team can perform tasks without hunting around for where to click. Even the tool’s more complex functions should be learnable with a small amount of training. 


6 Top HR Analytics Software Options 

We’ve curated a list of six of the best HR analytics tools on the market in 2024. We’ll highlight some of their noteworthy features and include meaningful insights from customer reviews. 


Cisive Transparent

1. Cisive 


Key Features 

    • Custom real-time HR analytics engine – Cisive Analytics Reporting Tool (CART) 
    • A diverse portfolio of both standard and customized reports 
    • Thoughtful UI makes it easy for non-techy people to use the platform 
    • 99.9994% accuracy rating and no lawsuits 

Cisive offers a suite of human capital management (HCM) tools, including a powerful HR analytics platform called CART.

The system integrates with your ATS, accounting and other tools to centralize data into one place, allowing you to gain new insights. 

You'll gain a comprehensive view into all aspects of your workforce management efforts, from billing to time service to background screening program effectiveness.

CART is designed with ease of use in mind, with a focus on empowering users to accomplish tasks easily through self-service.  

The CART platform is known for its customizable nature, in-depth reporting capability and availability of real-time data analytics. 


Cisive offers custom pricing based on the needs of your organization. 


Deel Logo

2. Deel 


Key features 

    • Connects to Workday, Quickbooks, NetSuite, BambooHR and many other accounting, ATS and HR systems 
    • API that allows custom solutions to be built if needed to integrate with your system 
    • Intuitive UI makes it easy to generate actionable reports 

Deel is known as a solid HR tool for companies with global workforces. It enables easy hiring in more than 150 countries without you needing to worry about local laws, local tax issues or international currency for payroll.  

Reviewers on sites like Capterra and G2 enjoy Deel’s UI, payroll management, and ease of onboarding international employees.

On the downside, some reviewers noted limited customizations and spotty customer service.  


Deel offers a free HRIS for companies with fewer than 200 employees.  

Hire international contractors in 150-plus countries for $49 per contractor per month. Hire full-time employees in 100-plus countries without needing to set up a legal entity for $599 per month.  


Paycor Logo

3. Paycor 


Key features 

    • Can be configured for specific industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail and more. 
    • Includes employee record keeping, automated workflows, paperless document management, employee self-service and reporting capabilities. 
    • Customer Sandbox where prospective customers can test new configurations and train employees without affecting live data. 

Paycor provides a full suite of HCM solutions, with HR analytics being one of them.

The HR analytics tool from Paycor offers an AI digital assistant.

It also offers predictive analytics, which are designed to help companies understand why employees leave and what the company can do to change that. 

Users who left reviews on Software Advice and Sierra-Cedar raved about the comprehensiveness of the Paycor system and the way it pulls together information from multiple sources.

Some reviewers, however, felt that Paycor’s HR software was more of an “add-on” feature to the company’s core payroll solution, and therefore not as robust as they had hoped. 


Paycor does not publish pricing on its website. You must fill out an online form and then their sales team will contact you to discuss. 



4. intelliHR 


Key features 

    • Intuitive to use and easy to navigate 
    • Real-time insights 
    • Flexible, configurable and integrates with many systems 

Based in Australia, intelliHR was acquired by Humanforce in the summer of 2023.

The combined company now offers Humanforce’s payroll and WFM solution in addition to intelliHR’s HCM and HR analytics tools.  

One big benefit of intelliHR’s analytics solution is its modern user interface that includes self-service tiles.

Additionally, customers consistently note that intelliHR does an excellent job when it comes to customer service and listening to customers. The team is responsive and helpful.  

Some users feel that intelliHR’s features are somewhat limited, citing a lack of modules for recruitment or LMS. 


intelliHR no longer publishes prices on its website. Contact the company to get a customized pricing quote.  


QualtricsXM Logo

5. Qualtrics 


Key features 

    • Comprehensive, holistic employee experience platform 
    • Simple UI makes it easy to manage workflow and analyze data 
    • Customization, advanced analytics and integration opportunities abound 

Qualtrics offers analytics solutions that it refers to as “people analytics” rather than HR analytics. Its tool helps companies track employee performance, wellbeing, and DEI, among other things.

Qualtrics focuses on enterprise-level businesses, although solutions are available for smaller companies as well. 

The Qualtrics offering centers on employee surveys that help businesses understand what employees want.

Users of Qualtrics enjoy its user-friendly interface, customization options, automation capability and ability to integrate with other systems.  

Potential downsides of Qualtrics, highlighted by reviewers on G2 and SaasWorthy, include high costs, complexity, and the amount of resources it takes to implement the system. 


Qualtrics pricing is not available online. Contact the company for a customized quote. 


Crunchr Logo

6. Crunchr 


Key features 

    • Centralizes data from across your entire HR tech stack 
    • Visually appealing UI and reports 
    • Excellent customer service and support 

Reviewers on G2 consistently call out Crunchr’s reports as being excellent. They say the reports allow them to tell the right stories, backed up by strong visuals like charts and graphs.

Users also say the Crunchr HR software is usable right out of the box and can then be customized as time goes on. It is also easy for non-technical people to adopt. 

The Crunchr team is appreciated by users. They are responsive to businesses and the Crunchr staff are responsive and willing to help work on new features to improve the product. 

Users did wish Crunchr offered more flexibility in defining metrics to include in reports; some key metrics include standard definitions that can’t be changed.  


Pricing for Crunchr’s solution is not available online. Contact the company for a quote. 


Streamline Your HR Analytics With Cisive 

HR analytics software is all about solving business problems and developing strategies that improve your entire workforce.

The Cisive Analytics Reporting Tool (CART) is one of the best and most customizable options available. It offers robust features backed by high-quality customer service staff that is focused on helping your business manage people more effectively by applying data-driven insights. 

Contact a Cisive expert today to schedule a demo of CART and learn more about improving your HCM and analytics reporting. 

 Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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