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Best International Background Check Companies [2024]

  • March 1, 2024
  • Shannon Fortner
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Top 5 International Background Check Companies for Better Global Reach

There are hundreds of background check companies, but not all of them offer a robust international service. So, when it’s time for your company to screen candidates currently living outside the U.S. or those living in the U.S. after living abroad, you’ll need to make careful choices about which background check service to use.  



Key Takeaways

When evaluating international background check services, keep these key factors in mind: 

        • Type of data you need screened 
        • Accuracy of results 
        • Availability of customer support 
        • Ability to integrate with your ATS/HRIS systems 
        • Does the company provide services in the country you need? 


Table of Contents 
  1. Things to Look for in an International Background Check Company 
  2. 5 Best International Background Check Services 
  3. How to Choose the Best International Background Service 
  4. The Right Provider to Screen Your Global Workforce

Things to Look for in an International Background Check Company 

Conducting background checks becomes even more crucial than usual when you’re considering candidates living abroad or living in the U.S. who have worked, lived or studied in another country. Here are some of the key features to look for when evaluating an international employment screening company.  


Broad Global Reach 

The screening provider’s solutions should be available in as many countries as possible so you can conduct a thorough background check on your candidates no matter where they live or used to live. For example, Cisive offers services in 196 countries. 


Robust Quality Control 

When evaluating a company, don't be afraid to ask about their processes and get a clear explanation of their quality management system. The company should take quality control (QC) or quality assurance (QA) very seriously. 

They should also be able to provide you with details about its QC steps. There should be designated QC staff that reviews records for accuracy and relevance before reporting results back to you. They should perform regular quality checks to measure the performance of staff and the accuracy of all reports, along with documentation of errors.  


Data Security 

Background screenings access significant amounts of private information that is stored digitally. Neither you nor your candidates want that information to be accessed by outside parties.  

International background check sites should have strict screening processes when hiring their own employees. You want to know that they choose their employees carefully because those employees will have access to your stored data. You should also inquire about the screening company’s data center security and data encryption practices. 


5 Best International Background Check Services 

Keeping the above points in mind, here are five of the best international employment screening services available today.  


Cisive Transparent



Key features 

  • Global network of research agents 
  • Proprietary platform integrates with all top 30 applicant tracking systems 
  • Services offered in 196 countries 
  • Configurable client portal 
  • Global PII protection 

Cisive offers a seamless global employment screening process, driven by a unique blend of powerful technology and human support. Companies ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses use Cisive solutions to check the backgrounds of international job candidates, vendors, partners and clients.  

More than 5 million screens are completed annually through Cisive’s proprietary technology called eSecure Global®. This rules-based workflow presents accurate, legally compliant forms for 196 countries and territories. Its portal is easy to use, both for your business and for candidates. 

The technology is backed by a global network of in-country research agents who take assignments and report results through the eSecure Global system. Cisive is the only consumer reporting agency with an HR-XML interface from the agency to in-country researchers and back. All data is encrypted for security, which also means less manual data entry.     


First Advantage

First Advantage 


Key features 

  • Integration with employee systems like Workday 
  • Unified ordering platform  
  • Local compliance 

First Advantage, sometimes referred to as FADV, is a well-known provider of international background checks. Users of the FADV global background check solution enjoy seamless integrations with various business systems while job applicants get an easy-to-use interface. 

First Advantage offers in-country searches and a local procurement process. Users of the FADV solution tend to experience quicker turnaround times in the U.S., South America, Western Europe and China, while turnaround times tend to be slower in African and Central Asian countries.  

First Advantage’s customer service is generally well-regarded. The platform includes a chat feature that allows for real-time support. However, wait times when calling the customer care team can be lengthy. 

Pricing for First Advantage’s global background screening solution is not published on their website. 





Key features 

  • Background checks available in 200+ countries 
  • Real-time updates for background report requests and completions 
  • Available continuous monitoring reduces the need for monthly OIG and SAM reports 

Checkr allows companies to conduct background checks in more than 200 countries through a single platform. All global background screenings from Checkr comply with the laws applicable in the country where the person is being screened. Checkr also has a well-documented API that allows it to work with multiple platforms including Salesforce and Airtable. 

HR professionals who have reviewed Checkr praised the service’s mobile-friendly interface and efficient turnaround times. Customer service and support gets mixed reviews, however, with some users stating they had difficulty getting issues resolved. 

As of late December 2023, Checkr’s basic plan for international background checks, which does not include employment history or education verification, is $32 per check. To receive those checks, users must choose the International Professional option, which starts at $102 per check.   


Global Backgrounds Logo

Global Backgrounds 


Key features 

  • Services available in 250+ countries and territories 
  • Partnerships with state and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies 
  • Integrates with most HR applicant tracking software 

Global Backgrounds is a Miami-based company that offers international due diligence reports and background screenings in more than 250 nations and territories. 

In addition to background checks on individuals, Global Backgrounds offers international background checks on foreign companies. This service can be useful for U.S. companies that are considering a foreign entity as a trade partner or when the U.S. company is considering acquiring a foreign company.  

Pricing for Global Backgrounds’ international searches is not available on its website. Users must contact the company for pricing information. 


GoodHire Logo



Key features 

  • Built-in workflows, including integrated adverse action 
  • Pre-integrated with more than 15 ATS and HRIS systems 
  • Intuitive UX/UI provides enhanced ease-of-use 

GoodHire was acquired by Checkr in 2022 and is now known as “GoodHire (a Checkr company).” Post-merger, management explained that GoodHire will focus on delivering services to small businesses. Review sites such as G2 show GoodHire being used and reviewed by companies classified as small and mid-sized businesses. 

GoodHire provides international criminal records, education and employment searches in 223 countries and territories. Notably, background checks on candidates living outside the U.S. are available only to GoodHire’s sales-assisted customers.  

Some reviews commented that while GoodHire’s customer service is still generally good, it was better prior to GoodHire being acquired by Checkr. 

Customers of GoodHire praise the easy-to-use platform. However, some noted that the system is missing a few minor features, like the ability to order an SODB search on its own.  

GoodHire does not publish pricing for its international background check services. 


How to Choose the Best International Background Service 

As you can see, not all companies in this industry are created equal. To choose the best international background check service for you, keep these variables in mind. 


Background Check Scope 

Make sure the service you choose actually verifies the items you’re interested in, whether it be education, employment, criminal background or something else. Some services don’t offer all checks at all price points. 



Understand the pricing structure before you buy. Most companies will have you contact them for pricing. Inquire freely and don’t feel obligated to buy anything just because you asked for a price. 


Customer Service 

No matter how intuitive the vendor’s platform is, there will be times when you need support. You may want to create customized reports or need to solve a problem. Read reviews to get honest opinions about the quality of each vendor’s customer service. 


The Right Provider to Screen Your Global Workforce 

The five options for global background checks discussed in this article clearly have important differences. From features to price to countries serviced, there are many variables to think about. In the end, though, the most important thing is the accuracy of the information they provide.  

Cisive’s global screening solution offers the most powerful blend of service, features and international presence. Our configurable client portal makes the screening process simple for you and your applicants. Information security is top-notch and focused on global PII protection. Cisive has comprehensive knowledge of requirements in 196 countries and provides on-the-ground research and direct access to courts.  

To find out more about Cisive’s in-depth international background check services, speak with an expert today. 

Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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