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5 Best Pre-Hire Assessment Services [2024]

  • February 13, 2024
  • Alan Gordon
  • Approx. Read Time: 7 Minutes
5 Best Pre-Hire Assessment Services

Bad hires cost businesses. The United States Department of Labor reports that hiring the wrong person can cost your business the equivalent of 30% of that hire’s annual salary.

And that number does not begin to account for the impact on reputation and risk of litigation that can come with a wrong hire. 

Considering all costs involved, making the right hiring decisions is critical. And using an excellent pre-employment testing service is one of the most reliable ways to determine which job candidates will work out—and which won’t. 

In this article, we will discuss the variety of options available for pre-employment testing and the 5 best services available today. 



Key Takeaways 

        • Pre-employment assessments standardize the candidate review process, making finding the right job candidates easier. 
        • You must start with your internal organizational goals when comparing pre-employment testing services. 
        • You can use multiple types of pre-employment tests—just be sure to choose the ones that help you meet your objectives without being overly burdensome to your team or applicants. 
        • It’s important to compare multiple assessment services before making a choice to ensure you’re getting the most features for the best value. 
        • Be wary of services that are within your budget but don’t meet your needs. Compare value and cost accordingly.  


Table of Contents 

  1. The 7 Most Common Types of Pre-Employment Testing 
  2. How to Evaluate Pre-Hire Assessment Services 
  3. The 5 Best Pre-Employment Testing Companies to Consider in 2024 


Pre-Hire Assessment 1


The 7 Most Common Types of Pre-Employment Testing 


Hiring managers use pre-employment tests to evaluate the skills, qualifications and abilities of job candidates.

They’re a standardized way to understand candidates and compare them so that you can find the person who is the best fit for the job. 

Reported numbers vary, but an estimated 65% of companies use a pre-employment test during their hiring process. It’s not uncommon for companies to leverage several different types of tests during the hiring process to build a complete picture of top candidates. 

Here are seven standard pre-employment tests to consider adding to your pre-employment test process: 


Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses to help employers determine whether the potential hire’s strengths align with the skills necessary to do the job.

Employers often consider aptitude tests when successful candidates tend to have certain personality traits or abilities, like working well under pressure or building relationships. 


Skills Tests

Skills tests and job knowledge tests identify whether candidates have the skills necessary for effective job performance. These are often used in technical, skill-based jobs like software development or analytics. 


Personality Tests

A personality test is a pre-employment test that gauges whether your candidates will fit within the company’s culture. They may give you insight into whether a person will likely succeed with your organization. 


Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests help you gauge a candidate’s ability to interpret complex information. They are often given when the job requires numerical, spatial or verbal reasoning.  


Medical Examinations

Medical examinations, also called pre-employment physicals, help you determine whether candidates are physically able to perform the responsibilities required for the role. 


Drug Tests

Drug tests help protect workplace safety and boost productivity, reducing accidents and employee turnover. There are several common methods for employee drug testing to choose from. 


Background Checks

Background checks, also known as criminal background checks, help employers verify information provided by the candidate.

They also protect workplace safety by eliminating candidates with a history of concerning behavior or who may not meet certain standards. 


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How to Evaluate Pre-Hire Assessment Services 

When choosing the right pre-employment testing services for your business, here are some critical things to consider. 


Make Sure Testing Will Yield Useful Information 

Starting with your own organizational goals can help you stay focused. What do you need to know about a candidate to feel confident that you are making the right decision? What skills are fundamental to the position? What tests are required for compliance purposes? 

Ask yourself how you will use the information you gain from the pre-employment assessment service. Use your answer to help keep you focused only on pre-hire assessment services that will be truly useful.

This approach protects your businesses’ resources and streamlines hiring by avoiding needless testing.


Identify the Full Range of Features Included in the Service 

Once you’ve focused on the type of testing you need, gain a complete understanding of the included features. If you’re comparing two similar testing services, it can be helpful to keep a spreadsheet.  

Pivotal features to compare include quick turnaround time, accuracy and customer support. You may also want to consider the interface.  

        • Is it easy to use?  
        • What is the set-up time?  
        • Will it be easy to integrate with your existing systems and processes?  

When comparing features, consider the effort needed to implement a new pre-employment assessment platform across your organization. 


Balance Each Service’s Value With Your Budget 

Finally, review the costs of each testing service. You’ll want to choose the service that fits your budget while delivering value for your desired features.  

Keeping all of the above in mind, let's look at 5 of the best pre-employment testing services. 



The 5 Best Pre-Employment Testing Companies to Consider in 2024 



Cisive Transparent


1. Cisive 

An industry leader for more than 40 years, Cisive’s background checks are 99.9994% accurate. It’s also the only pre-employment assessment services provider specializing in heavily regulated industries, and the background screening is individualized instead of AI.  

 Key Features 

    • Employment screening is entirely paperless and works on any platform or device, including tablets and mobile phones. 
    • Cisive’s platform is completely customizable and can be configured to fit your business workflow. 
    • Instead of outsourcing support, Civics staffs all client service and makes it available 24/7. 

Cisive provides comprehensive background investigations of potential and current employees, vendors, customers, and business partners, as well as drug testing and fingerprinting services through alliance partners. 

 Reviewers say that Cisive is easy to use, results are consistent and successful, and the customer service is excellent.  





2. Checkr 

Checkr uses AI-powered technology to offer criminal background checks, employment verification, driving record (MVR) checks, drug testing, education verification and international background checks. 

Key Features 

    • Candidates gain transparency in their records and can provide context when necessary. 
    • Checkr uses machine learning to quickly categorize criminal charges using county court data. 
    • Checkr’s compliance engine filters out any information that is not legally reportable. 

Checkr states that its mission is to break down stigmas around hiring people with criminal records, and most reviews focus on criminal background check services. Some reports state that background checks took longer than anticipated, which can delay hiring times.  



Harver Logo


3. Harver 

Harver offers a suite of solutions, including assessments, video interviews, scheduling and reference checking. Assessments range from traditional behavioral, gamified behavioral and cognitive assessments to hard skills like language proficiency. 

 Key Features 

    • Assessments are built to be unbiased and are tested by psychologists and data scientists. 
    • Harver’s assessment solutions include pre-built job profiles to help employers evaluate candidates for every open role. 
    • Harver can also help employers evaluate candidates for development and mobility opportunities within their organizations. 

Reviewers generally report that they like how Harver’s product is designed and easy to use. They also state, however, that forms can become very long, and parts of the experience look really dated and are not mobile friendly. 





4. Cert

Certn offers a variety of pre-employment assessments, including criminal record checks, background screening (national and international), credit checks, education and credential verification, employment verification and professional reference checks. 

Key Features 

    • Certn’s platform and API integrate into existing business workflows. 
    • Employers can run background checks with pre-built integrations. 
    • Certn offers a downloadable app with a self-service dashboard. 

In addition to the above features, Certn also offers social media checks, allowing further insight into the "who" of each candidate.  

Reviewers say that Certn is simple and has fast turnaround times. Users also state that Certn’s credit check looks only at credit history, not credit score, so it may not be a good fit for certain financial institutions or other fiscally regulated companies. 

iMocha Logo

5. iMocha 

iMocha takes a “skills-first approach” with AI pre-employment assessments that scores candidates based on their skills. The platform is built so that employers can conduct assessments and interviews remotely.  

Key Features 

    • iMocha’s solutions integrate with existing HR systems. 
    • Robust analytics and reporting capabilities. 
    • Personalized training sessions and ongoing support. 

Reviewers praised iMocha as a good resource for technical skills assessments. They also noted that some test takers reported grammatical errors, glitches or slow load times in questions. 


Thoroughly Assess Your Pre-Hire Candidates with Cisive 

Because Cisive provides a full range of services—from comprehensive background investigations to drug testing and fingerprinting services—it’s a fitting option to screen candidates for businesses large and small.

Cisive has demonstrated expertise in heavily regulated industries and offers 24/7 customer service. This makes us the choice option for pre-employment testing in 2024. 

 Speak with an expert today to see how Cisive can assist you with all your pre-employment testing needs. 


 Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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