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Cisive Product Highlight: Continuous Criminal Monitoring

  • August 10, 2022
  • Jenni Gray
  • Approx. Read Time: 2 Minutes

In this Cisive Product Highlight series, we’ll review key tools to consider when screening your workforce, as well as top benefits and features when ordering them through Cisive and our family of brands.

This month’s highlight is Continuous Criminal Monitoring.


What is Continuous Criminal Monitoring? Why is it important?

Continuous Criminal Monitoring is a type of criminal background check.

A criminal background check is one of the primary background screens employers choose to run on prospective employees, determining whether they have a criminal record.

Continuous criminal monitoring helps employers ensure their employees in the workplace and customers receiving in-home or delivery services remain as safe as possible. Currently, most employers run criminal background checks at time-of-hire, but do not check again during an employee’s tenure.

Cisive’s continuous criminal monitoring solution allows organizations to receive real-time arrest record monitoring on an ongoing basis. These alerts arrive within 60 minutes of criminal arrests and/or convictions. Organizations can place a “watch” on employee lists, receiving automated alerts when an employee is booked into custody, released from custody, or incarcerated for a certain “length of stay.” Sources are updated hourly, and Cisive provides alerts to clients upon validation of arrest, typically within 1-2 days.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring is growing more common with employers. In Cisive’s report, Cisive Insights: Talent Screening Trends 2021, we found that almost a third of employers who introduced new background checks in 2020 included continuous monitoring. Employers who may be most interested in Continuous Criminal Monitoring may have employees engaged in the following job duties:

    • “Final Mile” delivery drivers, particularly those who are required to enter homes of customers,
    • Utility workers with access to customer property and/or homes,
    • Healthcare staff who have regular access to patients,
    • Financial services employees with access to important information, and
    • Any other employees with access to the public, clients, sensitive information, homes, etc


How does Continuous Criminal Monitoring work?

The employer provides Cisive with a list of employees to be monitored on an on-going basis. The monitoring service will scan employees for criminal activity and provide an alert within 60 minutes or less of any criminal arrest or conviction. In addition, daily updates are accessible through Cisive’s platform.


What is on a Continuous Criminal Monitoring record?

The following Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be on a Continuous Criminal Monitoring record:

    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Driver’s License Number
    • Address (when available)


Here’s the 24/7 arrest record monitoring information you may receive:

    • Real-time Incarceration and Arrest Records — Access to more than 140 million U.S. bookings records through direct connections with more than 2,000 jails and DOC facilities
    • Place “watches” on employee lists — Receive automated alerts when an employee is booked into custody, released from custody, and/or incarcerated for a certain “length of stay.”
    • Sources of incarceration and arrests are updated hourly.
    • Cisive provides alerts to clients upon validation of arrest (typically within 1-2 days).


How can Cisive help?

To learn more about Continuous Criminal Monitoring, or our other criminal background screening services, contact Cisive. We can help you develop a criminal background screening program that will keep your employees and customers safe, while remaining compliant with all federal, state, and local guidelines.


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