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Cisive Product Highlight: ContractorDirect

  • January 18, 2023
  • Jenni Gray
  • Approx. Read Time: 2 Minutes
  • Updated on November 26, 2023

In this Cisive Product Highlight series, we review key tools to consider when screening your workforce, as well as top benefits and features when ordering them through Cisive and our family of brands.

This month’s highlight is Contractor Screening, including Cisive’s solution, ContractorDirect.


What is Contractor Screening?

Contractor Screening encompasses the type of background checks you run on non-employed staff, such as contractors, gig workers, or temp employees. They may be hired by your organization, or through a vendor you work with. Contractor roles may include job positions such as data entry, drivers for delivery or installation services, business consultants, freelance marketing roles, web development, human resources, data analysts, and many more.

Thoroughly vetting your contractors is vital to reducing your organization’s risk and remaining compliant. It can even have organizational benefits, such as a quicker return on investment, and seamless conversion from contractor to full-time employee if desired.


Global Screening for your Global Workforce

Since COVID-19, many organizations have embraced remote work and global hiring to attract the best talent for their business. This means you need a global contractor screening program that can keep up with your business needs.

Cisive’s services are offered in 196 countries and territories in more than a dozen languages, along with local compliance expertise in each country covered. You never have to wonder if you’re in compliance because Cisive keeps you updated with any changes or new local regulations, including all locally-required forms and releases.


What is ContractorDirect? How does it work?

ContractorDirect is a new spin on an outdated process that helps streamline the workflow for everyone involved.

Typically in a “sponsor-mandated, vendor-engaged” program, the sponsor company mandates vendors to use the preferred background screening provider. Background checks are initiated by the vendor, using packages predetermined by the sponsor company. While the vendor is the direct client, they may collaborate with the sponsor company on reviewing the report, and evaluating the results to make a hiring decision.

With ContractorDirect, the contractor owns the process. There are no vendor applications or contracts. All the vendor has to do is provide the sponsor’s screening procedures to the contractor, and the contractor initiates the background check process.

Cisive takes it from there! ContractorDirect is focused on the contractor, and all support is provided by Cisive, relieving this task from the vendor and the sponsor employer. With Cisive’s focus on the user experience, contractors experience a seamless mobile app workflow with no middleman. When contractors have an easy screening experience, they’re much less likely to drop out of the hiring process. 


Standardize your contractor screening process

With our user-friendly mobile-enabled workflow, we incorporate all required disclosures, authorizations, consents, and signatures specific to the requirements for each of your job positions. From fingerprinting and criminal backgrounds to employment and more, your process is streamlined and secure on our global platform.


How can Cisive help?

To learn more about Contractor Screening and ContractorDirect, or our other background screening services, contact Cisive. We can help you develop a screening program that will mitigate risk for your organization when hiring contracted workers. 


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