How to Automate Your Healthcare Employment Verifications

  • February 9, 2024
  • Christine Law
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  • Updated on February 9, 2024
Top 9 Benefits of Automated Healthcare Employment Verifications

In the complex world of healthcare HR, checking employment history is a tough and detailed task that takes up a lot of time, effort, and resources. EmployCheck by PreCheck changes the game by offering a web-based solution made for healthcare to quickly and accurately handle employment verifications.

It's more than just a tool to make operations smoother; it boosts productivity, satisfaction, and saves money for your organization.

With EmployCheck, giving lenders, bankers, and employees easy and secure access to employment and salary information is effortless, letting you focus on other important tasks.


Table of Contents

  1. The Need for Streamlined Employment Verifications
  2. Top 9 Features and Benefits
  3. How EmployCheck Works
  4. Our Clients Report Success Stories


The Need for Streamlined Employment Verifications


EmployCheck by PreCheck provides an option for healthcare institutions to outsource the handling of employment and salary history verification for current and former employees applying for loans, mortgages, new jobs and other transactions.

This task is the responsibility of an employer and can be time consuming, unpredictable and a potential for employee dissatisfaction if the internal process is complex or lengthy.

With EmployCheck, enjoy these perks:

    • Reduces workload on your organization’s staff
    • Provides better service for employees
    • No cost to your organization
    • Provides cost savings of in-network verifications for your background checks


A time-consuming task

Verifying employment and salary history for employees applying for loans, mortgages or other transactions is your responsibility as an employer. But the task also represents a growing, unpredictable and virtually unquantifiable workload for your organization.


Less work for you

Our secure, automated system enables you to outsource this responsibility, freeing up valuable internal resources in your HR, payroll or medical staffing groups.


Better service for your employees

With its speed, accuracy and security, EmployCheck provides a higher level of service to meet the needs of your current and former employees. Employees personally authorize the release of salary information, and can track the progress of any requested verifications.

The online database-driven system can deliver the required information far more quickly, speeding up the approvals your employees need for loan or mortgage applications, apartment rentals, and other important transactions. This is a level of service that is simply not achievable today using the conventional methods.


No cost to your organization

There is no cost to your organization–or to your employees–for joining or using EmployCheck. Verifiers pay a nominal fee for any employment or salary verifications they request, and they save time and effort as well because of the system’s speed, accuracy and consistently formatted results.


A Secure Solution

By using EmployCheck, healthcare organizations enjoy many benefits. PreCheck's high-quality service and years of experience mean that EmployCheck does more than just save time; it also ensures compliance with laws, keeps data safe, and offers excellent customer service.


Ease and Assurance

EmployCheck isn't just swapping one task for another; it completely changes how verifications are handled. It improves every part of the HR process, making data management smoother, boosting service quality, and freeing up staff to focus on more important strategies.


Efficient job history checks are key for smooth hiring and employee services. They confirm a person's past work for new jobs, loans, or legal checks. In healthcare, where timing is crucial, these checks are especially important.

Traditional methods take a lot of staff time and money, which can lead to frustration and lower efficiency. In the busy world of healthcare, it's essential that these verifications are done quickly, accurately, and without hassle.


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


Top 9 Features and Benefits


For Healthcare Organization

  1. Outsourced Vendor: Employment verification tasks are 100% transferred to outside firm, relieving resources for other tasks. It removes employee frustration, and potential conflict, with any internal delays with employment verifications.

  2. Secure and Accurate: Information comes from your company records, and is delivered in a format that meets the needs of verifiers. Since the system is automated, the chance for human error is drastically reduced. Both employers and verifiers must be registered, and employees must personally authorize the delivery of salary information.

  3. Information from payroll data : No need to keep and look up records in HR and payroll files. Information is available in minutes to support the needs of your current and former employees.

  4. IT sets up automated data transfer: HR/Admin not involved in data transfer.

  5. No set up or ongoing fees: No cost or resources are needed to handle the employment verification process after initial data transfer setup with IT department. It eliminates repetitive, low-payback workload for the responsible department.

  6. Online Management Reports: PreCheck employees can produce a report including activity and an audit trail. 


For Employees

  1. Outsourced vendor: No delays from employer responding to request; employment can be verified 24x7.

  2. Account ID & Password: Secure access and control; allows online request of Salary Keys and review of activity. Employee controls access to salary information.

  3. Activity Report: Review verification activity.


How EmployCheck Works


EmployCheck is simple and hassle-free. Once you have signed up and provided us with access to the appropriate information, you will receive a company code that identifies your organization.

Any employee needing verification simply provides that code to a verifier.

If salary history is required, the employee personally authorizes the transfer of information by requesting an 8-digit salary key (which can be done via our website or over the phone), and then providing this key to the verifier.

Verifiers then access this website or call EmployCheck – and not you – to get the information.


    • Safeguarded Data Entry: The initial step requires the employee or verifier to input the required data via a secure portal. This information is then authenticated and preserved with the utmost confidentiality.
    • Automated Processing: EmployCheck's robust system springs into action, verifying employment and salary details against PreCheck's extensive network of healthcare employers, automating the process to near-instantaneous fulfillment.
    • Compliance and Results: Verified information is presented in a format that is both compliant and user-intuitive, ready for the stakeholder's use, all within a record time that lends itself to the urgency of healthcare operations.


Our Clients Report Success Stories

Behind PreCheck's technology lies a narrative of real impact. Healthcare institutions that have integrated EmployCheck into their HR operations boast of tangible success stories—time saved, staff focus redirected toward core activities, and, crucially, employee satisfaction amplified. EmployCheck is not just a system; it's a partner in the orchestration of a more systematic and rewarding HR landscape.


Less Work. Better Service. No Cost.

As the healthcare industry keeps evolving, tools like EmployCheck by PreCheck show the way forward. In a world where saving time and resources is crucial, EmployCheck goes beyond making tasks easier—it strengthens the key parts of HR management necessary for growth and success.

EmployCheck is a prime example of how technology can automate and enhance your organization's processes. It combines HR's complexities with digital reliability, offering a solution that's both practical and forward-thinking.

For healthcare HR professionals and recruiters aiming to take their practices to the next level, EmployCheck is essential, driving change in a field ready for innovation.

In the quest to optimize employment verifications, the question shifts from "can we manage?" to "how can we outperform?" With its time and cost savings, EmployCheck has a proven positive impact on the core of your business operations.

Speak to a PreCheck expert today and be at the forefront of transforming your healthcare institution's HR management.


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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