10 Best Hospital Volunteer Background Check Services in 2024

  • January 15, 2024
  • Joe DeSanzo
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  • Updated on January 15, 2024
10 Best Hospital Volunteer Background Check Services in 2024

Building a strong volunteer program for your medical facility offers staff and patient benefits, including lower readmission rates. A comprehensive program makes it easier for you to conduct a background check for hospital volunteers to help improve patient safety. 



Key Takeaways 

Here are the key things to know about background check software for hospital volunteers: 

        • Thorough programs help you screen volunteer applicants for potentially dangerous issues to keep patients safe. 
        • You might need to run background checks on volunteers based on regulations. 
        • Background check software varies widely in the features and quality of results. 
        • Knowing what each program checks for can help you get the information you need. 
        • Detailed comparisons help you look at important details like features and customer support to help you make decisions.  


Table of Contents 

Here are the top tools for background checks on hospital volunteers: 

  1. PreCheck 
  2. Rosterfy 
  3. Sterling Volunteers 
  4. LifeWay 
  5. SafeChurch 
  6. GoodHire 
  7. Checkr 
  8. Sterling Check 
  9. Verified First 
  10. iprospectcheck 

What Is Included in a Background Check for Hospital Volunteers? 

The details included in a background check for volunteers can vary based on the program and your needs. A standard check usually looks at the person's criminal background and whether or not they're in the sex offender database. 

You might go more in-depth with drug tests and other options. Driving record checks are beneficial if volunteer responsibilities include driving, and you might run a credit check if the position involves money handling.  


How to Evaluate Background Checks for Hospital Volunteers 

Looking at key areas of each option helps you choose one that fits your needs. Comparing the features, user friendliness, customer support, and costs can help you decide.  

Here are the key points to consider when evaluating software for background checks for hospital volunteers. 



Compare the available features included in the software. Look at where each tool pulls its data to ensure you're getting a comprehensive look at each volunteer.  

Many platforms also include other features. For instance, since PreCheck focuses on the medical field, it also offers exclusion and sanction screening, license monitoring, immunization tracking, and other useful features for your organization.  


User Friendliness 

Since managing volunteers is just one part of your HR department's duties, choosing user-friendly programs is important. That way, your team can jump right in without spending hours trying to learn a new system. 

Programs that do a background check for hospital volunteers usually offer free demos. Let your HR team sit in on the demo to get their feedback on how easy the system will be to use.  


Available Customer Support 

Your area of expertise is medical care, not background checks or software. Look for a program with a robust customer support department to help.  

When evaluating a program, check for the support hours and the ways you can contact the support team, which could include phone, text, chat, or email.  


1. PreCheck

Key Features: 

    • Dedicated account manager 
    • Optimized background screening for the healthcare industry 
    • Custom background screening packages 
    • Easy-to-read reports 
    • Checks multiple databases 

What makes PreCheck unique is its focus on the healthcare industry. That focus allows the team to be experts in your needs as a healthcare provider, with personalized solutions to fit your needs. 

It pulls data from multiple sources to give you an in-depth look at your volunteers. That includes county, state, and federal criminal records along with the sex offender registry and driving records. 

PreCheck isn't just for screening volunteers—it offers different background screening processes for employees, physicians, and students. For example, the physician and allied health professional check dives deeper to meet strict requirements. 

This platform can also serve as an employment hub with electronic I-9 forms, automated employment verifications, and license monitoring. 


2. Rosterfy

Rating: 4.3/5 (G2) 

Key Features: 

    • Volunteer management software 
    • Integrations with background check tools 
    • Configurable software to simplify volunteer management 

Rosterfy isn't a background check platform on its own—it's a comprehensive volunteer management platform that offers integrations with other tools. One compatible integration is Sterling Volunteers, which conducts background checks for you.  

The platform makes recruiting and onboarding volunteers easier with automation throughout the application process. For current employees, it can help you with scheduling, attendance, communication, and rewards. 

Volunteer portals let individuals take charge of their onboarding and training tasks. They also let volunteers check their upcoming opportunities and past volunteering shifts. 


3. Sterling Volunteers

Key Features: 

    • Simple online platform 
    • Volunteer-controlled submission process 
    • 24/7 access to screening services 
    • Volunteer manager dashboard 
    • Two package levels with different checks and pricing 
    • Options for volunteers to pay for some or all of the costs 
    • Online community of vetted volunteers 

Sterling Volunteers focuses only on conducting background checks on volunteers. It serves nonprofit and service organizations that rely on volunteers with screenings tailored to those organizations' needs. 

A volunteer manager dashboard makes it easy to see the results of all background checks. Volunteers can control their submissions to make your job easier and keep them in charge of the data they share.  

Sterling Volunteers offers individuals the option to join the online community as volunteers. After becoming vetted, they can submit their background checks to various organizations to speed up the process. 

New volunteers who aren't part of the community can share in the costs of background checks. Sterling Volunteers lets you pay for the screening or the volunteer can pay for it all, share the costs, or make a donation toward the costs.  


4. Lifeway

Key Features: 

    • Discounted background screenings through Clear Investigative Advantage (CIA) 
    • Results reviewed and verified by CIA 
    • Focused on churches and religious organizations 
    • Compatible with management software 
    • Electronic consent forms 

Lifeway is an online background screening option for churches and religious organizations, which could make it a good fit if your healthcare facility is religious-based.  

You only pay for each background check you run—there is no monthly or yearly fee, which could be beneficial if you only run a few checks per year. Choose from three levels of background checks, depending on how deep you want to go. 


5. SafeChurch

Key Features: 

    • Discounted prices on background checks 
    • Check & Protect program available for comprehensive background checks 
    • Education on how to use data from background checks 
    • Advice on which jurisdictions to search 

SafeChurch is a collection of risk management resources available to religious organizations through GuideOne Insurance. Part of that program is access to discounted background checks for volunteers and employees.  

Users can choose from a variety of record jurisdictions to get targeted information based on their needs. The checks are EEOC- and FCRA-compliant.  


6. GoodHire

Rating: 4.6/5 (G2) 

Key Features: 

    • Integration into ATS and HRIS tools 
    • Prebundled or custom screening packages with over 100 check and screening options 
    • Central dashboard to manage checks across different areas 
    • In-house compliance experts 
    • Background checks for various industries, including healthcare 
    • Mobile-optimized 

GoodHire prides itself on being a technology company with easy user experiences to make background checks simple. It integrates into many HR software programs so you can easily incorporate it into your onboarding process.  

Clients can choose from over 100 background checks and screening options, which come in prebundled or customizable packages. This lets you get the specific checks you need. 

GoodHire breaks its background checks down by industry, which helps with compliance and the unique needs of each industry. For healthcare background check compliance, this can include healthcare sanctions searches that aren't relevant in other industries.  


7. Checkr

Rating: 4.5/5 (G2) 

Key Features: 

    • Multilingual candidate support 
    • Over 100 integrations for use with platforms you already use 
    • Built-in regulatory compliance 
    • Data source ownership increases data retrieval speed 
    • Mobile-first candidate interface 

Automation and owned data help Checkr offer fast, reliable background checks for volunteers and employees. A user-friendly candidate interface with multilingual support makes it easy for volunteers to initiate their background checks, and automated follow-ups walk them through the process. 

You can integrate Checkr into the apps you're already using to manage volunteers or employees for a seamless experience. Checkr also integrates regulatory compliance into the software to give you peace of mind.  


8. Sterling Check

Key Features: 

    • Six-step process 
    • Integration into other programs with a team of integration specialists 
    • Representatives with a healthcare focus to improve compliance 
    • Additional services for onboarding 

Sterling Check uses a six-step process, starting with ID verification for thorough results. Automated processes make background checks easy to scale for all sizes of companies. 

It offers industry-specific services, including for the healthcare industry. Various support staff members are well-versed in healthcare to help monitor regulatory changes that could affect compliance.  


9. Verified First

Rating: 4/5 (G2) 

Key Features: 

    • One-click integration with HR software 
    • FCRA-compliant 
    • Pulls from multiple databases 
    • Optional add-ons for driving records and drug screening 

Verified First integrates with 100 HR platforms, making it easy to incorporate background checks into your routine processes. One-click integration simplifies the process of setting it up to run with your existing platforms.  

It searches databases from multiple jurisdictions, third-party sex offender databases, and Homeland Security to look for ties to terrorism. You can also order searches for drivers' records, identity checks, drug screenings, and credit checks.  

Verified First is FCRA-compliant and has an in-house team of experts to ensure compliance.  


10. iprospectcheck

Key Features: 

    • Comprehensive data pulled from multiple sources 
    • HRIS integrations 
    • Basic, standard, and premium packages 
    • Add-ons available for motor vehicle records, credit checks, drug screening, and more 
    • Phone and email support from a U.S.-based service team 

Offering a full range of employment screening services, iprospectcheck also works for screening hospital volunteers. You can use it as a comprehensive screening service with additional features, including clinical screening services and I-9 form management.  

It also focuses on several specific industries, including healthcare, to address industry regulations in the screening process. You can customize the packages for different healthcare needs for tailored results. 


Vet Your Hospital Volunteers with PreCheck 

With PreCheck’s experience and focus on the healthcare industry, we are experts in your needs as a healthcare provider. We offer the most comprehensive, customizable, and accurate hospital volunteer screening reports available. 

To find out more about how PreCheck can lower your risk as a healthcare service provider, speak to an expert today. 


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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