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Best SSN Background Check Services 2024

  • January 9, 2024
  • David Hair
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  • Updated on January 11, 2024
Top 9 SSN Background Check Services in 2024

The stakes in talent intelligence are high. Failing to conduct thorough background checks on a potential employee not only puts company resources to waste but also exposes the workplace to safety and reputational risks. 

Social Security Number (SSN) background check services are sought-after in the hiring process because they mitigate these risks and provide peace of mind for employers. 

In this article, we round up the nine best SSN background check services of 2024, along with features, pricing, and what current users like about them. 



Key Takeaways

Here are the key things to know about SSN background check services: 

        • An SSN background check verifies an individual's identity using their unique nine-digit SSN, ensuring there are no mix ups due to individuals having the same name. 
        • SSN is typically used in pre-employment background checks and provides information about applicants' employment history, criminal records, credit history, and more. 
        • Doing SSN background checks protects your organization against reputational and safety risks. 
        • When choosing the right SSN background screening service, consider proper accreditation, credibility, and user reviews. 



Table of Contents

Here are the top nine SSN background check services in 2024: 

  1. Cisive 
  2. ShareAble 
  3. Certn 
  4. GoodHire 
  5. ClearChecks 
  6. Checkr 
  7. Direct Screening 
  8. SentryLink 
  9. Sterling 

What is a Social Security Number (SSN) Background Check? 

An SSN background check is typically part of pre-employment screening that verifies an individual's identity using their unique nine-digit Social Security Number. This eliminates the possibility of candidates being accidentally linked to an individual with the same name. It provides information about their employment history, criminal records, credit history, and more. 

SSN background checks lend insights into an individual's personal and professional history that eventually inform hiring decisions. It protects against potential liability issues and ensures the safety of their workplace and customers. 

While it is possible to conduct a basic SSN background check on your own, using a professional service or company ensures speed, accuracy, and compliance with laws and regulations. 


Considerations for Choosing a Background Check Service 

Choosing a background check service requires careful consideration to ensure that the service aligns with your specific needs and industry. Here are three major considerations: 


Proper Accreditation 

Check whether the background check company has proper accreditation, such as from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Proper accreditation guarantees that the company follows standard procedures and high professional standards while remaining up to date with regulatory changes and compliance laws. 

Comprehensive and Trustworthy Reports 

Background check reports typically cover information on an individual's criminal history, credit reports, and other relevant information that informs hiring decisions. There is no room for error in these reports, so ensure that the background check company you go for has a reputation for thorough, reliable, and accurate service. 

Customer Reviews 

Only consider services with a solid reputation and mostly positive reviews. Feedback from current users can provide valuable insight into the company's reliability and professionalism. User reviews also provide information on how helpful the customer support team is and how user-friendly the platform's interface is. 


1. Cisive

 Laptop open to a Cisive dashboard.



4.6/5.0 (G2)

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • PBSA accreditation 
    • Credit and litigation history 

The  Cisive SSN check allows hiring managers to compare a candidate's SSN against commercial sources like the credit bureau, to capture a full view of the candidates' patterns relating to credit, address history, and aliases. 

While this may sound complicated, our platform makes it easy. With dedicated customer support and customer trainings, you are always in the know about laws surrounding background checks, new regulations, and how to best utilize the platform. 

Our background checks are associated with their invoices, keeping a record of both in one location for easy access and reference. Rather than giving you a quote that includes features you do not need and have no interest in, speak with one of the experts to receive a quote for the services that will best serve you. 


2. ShareAble




4.3/5.0 (Capterra)

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Instant background checks 
    • FCRA compliant 

ShareAble for Hires provides background checks for home caregiving, nannies, temporary employees, and pre-employment screenings. Existing users appreciate the quick turnaround time and simple-to-use interface that does not involve a steep learning curve. 

To access SSN background checks, you will have to choose between the Background Check Plus ($40) plan and the Pro ($60) plan. 


3. Certn



4.5/5.0 (G2) 

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Batch processing 
    • SMS notifications 

Certn's criminal record checks provide hiring managers with in-depth information into the criminal history of candidates. The system is easy to use and easily accessible, allowing users to send email or SMS invites to candidates to provide the required information and complete the appropriate consents. 

The system is known for being easy to use both as a candidate and employer, with clear and succinct instruction to follow. User experience from both employer and candidate ends is quite easy — instructions to complete your background check are clear and succinct. It leaves little room for error or misinterpretation in the results, offering a centralized dashboard. 

To receive SSN tracing as part of your plan, US based users can expect to pay $29.99 per check, with the option to receive custom quotes through a sales call with the Certn team. 


4. GoodHire




4.6/5.0 (G2) 

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • True Me platform 
    • FCRA compliance and customizable packages 

GoodHire offers employers a seamless solution for pre-employment screening. The platform is optimized for mobile use, starting with SSN Traces, and extending to over 100 screening options. A key feature of GoodHire's is the True Me platform that allows candidates to run a pre-background check on themselves to gain insight into their report and give them time to address concerns. 

Pulling reports and getting information is quick — just a few clicks of the mouse, and you can order the background check. The results are quite easy to interpret as well. 

GoodHire offers three plans for companies who plan to use less than 10 checks a year: Basic+, Essential, and Professional. The Basic+ plan includes SSN trace and starts at $29.99 per check. 

Companies who plan to run more than 10 checks per year will need to reach out to GoodHire's sales team for a custom quote. 


5. ClearChecks




4.9/5.0 (G2)

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Social Security Number (SSN) trace and verification 
    • Quick and easy online ordering 

ClearChecks offers an FCRA-compliant platform that can provide instant results in most cases. ClearChecks was designed to streamline background checks and drug-testing for businesses of all sizes. bank-grade encryption is used when collecting sensitive information, like an SSN. 

Most users find setting up their account to be quick and easy, noting the platform as being intuitive and easy to navigate. While users generally like the use of the platform, they note that the features are more simplistic and leave room for desire. 

ClearChecks background checks have an immediate turnaround time, with Basic pricing starting at $24.99 per applicant. There are discounts for bulk report ordering, however, users interested in this would need to speak with the ClearChecks sales team for specifics. 


6. Checkr



4.5/5.0 (G2)

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Real-time tracking 
    • Integrations and mobility 
    • Compliance 

Checkr uses AI-powered technology and a mobile-friendly platform to conduct background checks — differentiating itself in terms of speed, accuracy, and security in hiring. Overall, this platform is known for its same-day setup and use, which is helpful for teams who are ready to commit and act the same day. 

The platform provides some customization options as far as features and workflow. 

Pricing for plans that include SSN trace start at $29.99 per check, with the option to take advantage of their volume pricing for high-volume requests. 


7. Direct Screening





Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Social Security Number report with access to 650+million records 
    • Easy to print reports and PDFs 
    • Fully FCRA compliant 

Direct Screening aims to provide an easy-to-use platform for tenant and employment screenings. With access to information exceeding 50 states, the platform provides a comprehensive look into candidates. 

One of Direct Screenings key features is the ability to get results online within seconds, thanks to the company's access to over 650 million criminal records. Its comprehensive national searches include national, state, and tribal sex offender registries and comes in easy-to-print reports and PDFs. 

The price starts at $12.95 per report. There are no setup fees, monthly minimums, contracts, or hidden charges. 


8. SentryLink





Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Reports provided in tamper-resistant Adobe PDF format 
    • One price offering 
    • Member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners 

Designed for personal and corporate use, SentryLink offers background screening services for candidates residing in the United Sates and United States territories. Their criminal background check is conducted through several national databases, homing in on your candidate through SSN Trace. The company is known for providing straight forward reports, without any unnecessary information. 

SentryLink offers the ability to pay per report, with the standard background check costing $19.95 and the option to add SSN Trace and Validation for $7 per report. While there are no monthly options or memberships available, SentryLink does offer high volume discounts, which would depend on the amount in question and would need to be discussed with their team. 


9. Sterling




3.2/5.0 (G2)

Key Features and Solutions: 

    • Mobile candidate portal 
    • Extensive database of 10,000+ sources 
    • Option to request identification of alias names 

Sterling is known for providing tailored, industry-specific background screening solutions. With services ranging from credit reports to criminal records, SSN trace heightens the reports available to users. This platform is praised for offering a wait time reduction of 50%, while maintaining accuracy.  

Sterling offers a membership pricing plan, with the option to pay $23.99 per month for up to 100 searches or $19.19 for a three-month membership for the same number of searches.  


Take the First Step Toward Better SSN Background Check with Cisive 

After an in-depth review of the best background check services in 2024, it should be clear to see how Cisive stands out among the crowd. 

Cisive provides the most accurate and thorough background checks, thanks to our rigorous verification process and solutions. We give credit where it is due: these results are a direct reflection of our team of dedicated customer support members and our arsenal of executive intelligence experts.  

When you choose Cisive, you are choosing a background screening solution and a partner, dedicated to helping you achieve your hiring success.  

Wondering how Cisive can help you in your background check efforts? Chat with one of our experts today! 


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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