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Top 5 Doctor Background Check Services in 2024

  • February 8, 2024
  • Joe DeSanzo
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Top 5 Doctor Background Check Services in 2024

Before you hire a physician, you must conduct a thorough background check as part of the credentialing process. Here's what you need to know about these background checks: 


    • To stay in compliance with federal regulations, you must make sure a physician isn't excluded from participating in federally funded healthcare programs. The best background checks include a search for sanctions/exclusions, making it easier to comply with these requirements. 

    • PreCheck is the best choice for physician background checks because it has a package designed specifically for doctors and allied health professionals. 

    • Before you choose a background check company, make sure you ask questions about pricing, customer support, and healthcare experience. It's also wise to inquire about the availability of additional services, such as drug screening and immunizations. 

    • Although cost is always a consideration, the scope of the background check is more important. A comprehensive screening package makes it easier to comply with federal regulations and eliminate unqualified candidates. 

    • The best background checks use county, state, and national records to determine if a candidate meets your credentialing requirements. It's also important to check national sex offender records and government exclusion lists before hiring a physician. 

As part of the credentialing process, it's important to conduct thorough background checks. Each check helps determine if a physician or other licensed healthcare professional has the education, training, and skills needed to provide high-quality care. 

To make the process easier, you need to partner with a comprehensive doctor background check service. Here are some of the top resources to help you stay in compliance. 


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Key Takeaways 

Here are the top five things you should know about choosing the best background check company for doctors: 

        • Background checks are an important part of the credentialing process. 
        • It's important to evaluate each service based on price, features, customer support, and healthcare expertise. 
        • When comparing prices, be sure to consider how many options come with each service.  
        • PreCheck is the best doctor background check service because it uses county, state, and federal resources to help you determine if a physician meets your credentialing requirements. 
        • Conducting comprehensive background checks may help your organization avoid fines and penalties. 


Table of Contents 

  1. How to Evaluate Doctor Background Check Services 
  2. PreCheck 
  3. KarmaCheck 
  4. Checkr 
  5. iprospectcheck 
  6. DISA
  7. How to Choose the Best Doctor Background Check Service 


How to Evaluate Doctor Background Check Services 

When you're ready to choose a doctor background check service, evaluate each option based on these criteria. 



Price isn't the only consideration, but it's one of the most important. If you hire physicians for a large healthcare system, you may have to complete hundreds or thousands of background checks each year. 

Over time, those costs add up. Before you choose a doctor background check service, request several price quotes to help you find the best fit for your organization. 



Next, review each service carefully to determine how many features are available. Many companies offer a base package with multiple add-ons, making it easier to gather information about the physicians interested in working for your organization. 

These are some of the most common features offered by doctor background check services: 

          • Fast turnaround times 
          • Healthcare sanctions/exclusions check 
          • Sex offender search 
          • Civil background check (bankruptcies, civil judgments, liens) 
          • Education verification 
          • Employment verification 
          • International background check 


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


Customer Support 

When evaluating background check services, pay close attention to the level of support each company offers. If you have questions or need help interpreting a report, you'll need a partner you can trust. 

Some companies provide customer service by phone, while others use email or live chat. You may even be able to use an online help center to get answers to frequently asked questions. 

Ask these questions to determine if a background check company is a good fit for your needs: 

          • Do you offer support via telephone, email, or live chat? 
          • How long does it typically take to receive a response from one of your support agents? 
          • Do you charge for ongoing support? If so, how much? 
          • Is there a 24-hour support line available for emergencies? 


Healthcare Expertise 

The credentialing process is intensive, so you need more than a simple background check on each candidate. To ensure you stay in compliance with state and federal regulations, it's helpful to choose a partner who has extensive experience working with employers in the healthcare industry. 


Top 5 Doctor Background Check Services 

Based on in-depth research, these are the five best doctor background check services available. 







    • Uses county, state, national, and international records to verify physician credentials 
    • Includes DEA verification, employment verification, and a sanctions/exclusions check 
    • Incorporates data from the American Medical Association, the American Osteopathic Association, and the Federation of State Medical Boards 

PreCheck offers three background check services for healthcare employers: student background checks, PractitionerCheck® for licensed professionals, and a background check for general employees who don't need to go through an extensive credentialing process. 

One of the main benefits of PractitionerCheck is that it helps mitigate risks associated with hiring physicians. For example, the service includes a sanctions/exclusions check, reducing the risk that you'll hire someone who's excluded from participating in a federally funded healthcare program. 

Using PractitionerCheck also helps you comply with state and federal standards related to physician employment. Therefore, using the service may help you avoid fines and other civil penalties. 

Finally, PractitionerCheck streamlines the credentialing process, reducing the time it takes to hire qualified physicians. The faster you fill open positions, the easier it is to provide high-quality care to the patients relying on your organization. 


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KarmaCheck Logo



    • Light check, standard check, and custom check available 
    • All checks include sex offender registry search and national criminal database check 
    • Turnaround time averages 6.4 days 

KarmaCheck offers three service levels, giving you more control over your costs. The most basic check costs $8.70, while the standard check costs $16.80. 

The company also offers custom background checks to meet your needs, but you must contact the sales team for a personalized price quote. 

KarmaCheck completes each background check quickly, reducing the time it takes to complete the credentialing process. A faster credentialing process makes it easier to meet your organization's staffing needs. 

For your convenience, KarmaCheck uses a web-based interface, eliminating the need to rely on faxed or mailed documents. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the risk of missing out on important updates due to mail or fax delivery problems. 

One drawback of using KarmaCheck is that checks are only available for individuals in the United States. If you want to hire an international candidate, you won't be able to use KarmaCheck to conduct the required background checks. 

Additionally, KarmaCheck doesn't look for bankruptcies or other civil records unless you pay for the custom background check service. 







    • Uses machine learning to automate certain aspects of the credentialing process 
    • Physician check includes 10-panel drug screening, immunizations, and TB testing 
    • Checks for healthcare exclusions, misdemeanor and felony convictions, and arrests 

Checkr performs background checks for several industries, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and technology. If you plan to use the service to do physician background checks, you'll need to pay for the professional package, which starts at $79.99 and increases based on the number of add-ons you choose. 

One benefit of using Checkr is that the company checks global watch records to make sure none of your candidates have been involved in financial crimes, terrorist activity, or other criminal offenses. This can give you extra peace of mind as you work to fill open positions without violating any credentialing regulations. 

The professional package also includes employment and education verification, making it easier to determine if a candidate meets the minimum requirements of your job posting. 

The main drawback of using Checkr is that you have to pay for the most expensive package if you want to do all the checks required for physician credentialing. The basic check only uses national records, and the mid-tier package doesn't include employment or education verification. 

Users also report slow turnaround times and difficulty getting support when they need it. 



iProspect Logo




    • Fast turnaround times (average of 2 to 4 business days for the most comprehensive check) 
    • Integrates with PeopleSoft, Kronos, Taleo X, and other HRIS 
    • Uses county, state, and federal records to complete background checks 

iprospectcheck offers comprehensive background checks for employers of all sizes. If you conduct 25 to 50 background checks per year, the price ranges from $24.95 to $79.95. 

For more than 50 background checks per year, you must contact the sales team for a customized quote. 

The company uses an online interface, making it possible to request a background check at any time of the day or night. This makes it more convenient for employers in different time zones to complete this aspect of the physician credentialing process. 

iprospectcheck also has a reputation for excellent customer service. The company doesn't do any outsourcing, so if you need assistance, you can pick up the phone and speak directly with a staff member. 

Although iprospectcheck has several helpful features, there are a few drawbacks to using the service. The biggest one is that the price of each background check doesn't include the cost of record retrieval or third-party verification costs, making it more difficult to estimate your monthly expenses. 

Additionally, each package covers just one name. If a candidate has ever used an alias, you'll need to pay for an additional background check, increasing your overall costs. 





DISA Global Solutions (formerly Crimcheck) 


    • Complies with requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act 
    • Relies on court records rather than public websites 
    • Offers drug testing and vaccinations as add-on services 

DISA Global Solutions, formerly known as Crimcheck, produces detailed background reports, making it easier to determine if a candidate meets your organization's requirements. The company doesn't publish pricing information, so you'll have to contact the sales team for a quote. 

One benefit of using DISA is that it customizes each background check according to your organization's unique needs. Checks typically look for felonies, misdemeanors, and arrests. 

When you use DISA, you also get access to a centralized dashboard, making it easier to keep track of pending and completed background checks. The less time you spend searching for records, the more time you have available for applicant screening, interviews, and other activities. 

One disadvantage of using DISA is that there's no standard background check for every healthcare employer. You must go through the process of creating a custom check before you know how much it's going to cost. 


How to Choose the Best Doctor Background Check Service 

When you're ready to choose a service provider, pay close attention to the cost and scope of each background check. 



As you review each quote, be sure to look at the price in the context of how many features the service offers. In many cases, it's worth paying a little more to get additional information to help you make a hiring decision. 

It's also important to ask about the pricing structure used by each service. Some companies charge a flat fee for each check they perform. Others charge a monthly fee for as many background checks as you need. 


Scope of Background Check 

The scope of the background check is also an important consideration. A basic check is fine for retail or clerical positions, but you need something comprehensive when you're hiring physicians, nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals. 

If you're concerned with staying in compliance and hiring the best physicians for your organization, it makes sense to pay for one in-depth background check rather than trying to cobble several basic checks together into one package. 


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Using Precheck to Screen Your Healthcare Workforce 


Conducting background checks is one of the most important steps in the credentialing process, as it helps you comply with your legal obligations and hire the most qualified physicians. 

When comparing background check services, be sure to evaluate each company based on pricing, features, customer support, and healthcare experience. The scope of the background check is generally more important than the cost, especially if you're concerned about potential compliance issues. 

PreCheck is the best option due to its specialized experience in the healthcare industry and the broad scope of its background checks. The PractitionerCheck® service is designed specifically for physicians and allied health professionals, giving you extra peace of mind as you fill open positions. 

To learn more about how PreCheck can help you meet your compliance obligations, speak to an expert today.


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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