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Certn vs Cisive vs Checkr: 2024 Comparison

  • January 30, 2024
  • Alan Gordon
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In today's hiring market, the importance of background screening solutions cannot be overstated. The ability to make informed and accurate hiring decisions relates directly to team morale, efficiency, and company performance. But how do you know which services are reliable?  

In this guide, we'll walk you through a detailed comparison of three of the leading background check platforms: Certn, Cisive, and Checkr. We will dive into each service's unique features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision for your business needs. 



Key Takeaways:

        • Cisive, Checkr, and Certn are highly regarded in the background screening industry. 
        • Checkr, Certn, and Cisive offer 24/7 support.  
        • Cisive offers comprehensive, ongoing training for users to keep them up to speed with background check regulations and other relevant laws 
        • Checkr & Certn take steps to ensure the accuracy of their background checks. Cisive holds the highest accuracy rating of the three platforms, with a 99.9994%, as well as zero class-action lawsuits.  


Table of Contents

  1. Meet the Companies 
  2. Comparison Overview 
  3. Key Features 
  4. Quality & Accuracy 
  5. Customizability 
  6. Customer Experience 
  7. Pricing 
  8. Certn vs. Checkr vs. Cisive: Which is Best for You? 




What Is Certn? 


Rating: 4.8/5.0 (G2) 

Certn positions itself as the "world's easiest background checks." With claims of an 80% reduced time hire, the service boasts of an integrated and efficient process for background screening.  

Both hiring managers and candidates who use the service credit Certn as being incredibly fast and easy. The service allows you to establish workflows and integrate it into existing workflows through their API. This reduces the need for human intervention in a variety of nonessential touch points throughout the hiring process.  


cisive Color


What Is Cisive? 


Rating: 4.6/5.0 (G2) 

Cisive is trusted by companies in highly regulated industries and some of the leading brands today, such as KraftHeinz and Comcast, for a good reason. 

Cisive has the highest accuracy rate compared to Certn and Checkr: 99.9994%, not to mention zero complaints to regulatory agencies and class-action lawsuits, a clear testament to its commitment to thoroughness and compliance. 

Existing users say the same thing: Cisive is extremely easy to use. While there is a noted learning curve, users agree that after a time or two going through the system, you catch on quickly.  

Cisive stands out among the others in two key areas: 

    • Accuracy: If you want peace of mind regarding ease of use, accuracy, and compliance, Cisive is the one for you. With no class-action lawsuits since its inception and the highest accuracy rate available, there is no competition. 
    • Customer Support: Cisive pride itself on establishing partnerships with their users. You have a dedicated support team available for questions 24/7.  




What Is Checkr? 


Rating: 4.5/5.0 (G2) 

Checkr offers a mobile-friendly way to move candidates through the hiring process. The platform is user-friendly, so training and onboarding other users, i.e., new recruiters, is easy. 

Like Certn, Checkr sells speed and objectivity in how it does things, with "fastest, fairest background checks for businesses of all sizes." Some of the big household names have used the platform: Uber, Netflix, and DoorDash, to name a few. 

Checkr is one of the few background check platforms that leverage AI to achieve a good balance of speed and accuracy. Existing users like how mobile-friendly and intuitive it is, making companies move candidates faster through the hiring process and allowing new recruiters to navigate the platform with little help.  

Background Screening Software Comparison

Certn Checkr Cisive Comparison Chart


Certn vs. Cisive vs. Checkr: Key Features 

When choosing a background screening service, think about the comprehensiveness you want when receiving reports. Not every service is the same. You have to consider which features are important to your organization's success throughout the hiring process.  

Take a look at the key features offered by Certn vs. Cisive vs. Checkr:  



    • Proprietary OneID verification technology: lets you add biometric facial recognition and a 3-step identity verification process, which is great for remote work and a global workforce (supports 11,000+ government-issued identity documents from 190+ countries and territories). 
    • Accurate check results (and other checks) in less than 15 minutes: so quick that some users can't believe it after waiting days for other services. 



    • Background screening solutions: offer accuracy that steers clients clear of needless and expensive litigation, supported by a rule-based workflow engine that ensures compliance while allowing flexibility to match clients' internal systems. 
    • HCM technology: a proprietary, platform-neutral, and mobile-enabled technology streamlining users' journey from pre-hire screening to post-hire onboarding. 
    • Executive intelligence solution: a well-oiled machine with an expert team of criminologists, law enforcement, legal, and compliance professionals who will vet your high-caliber job candidates. 



    • The AI-powered core: can identify, classify, and filter data in a fraction of the time as it accurately predicts when a report will be completed and automatically updates the system with changes in compliance laws. 
    • Charge classifier: uses machine learning to rapidly classify criminal charges based on jurisdictions nationally. 
    • Compliance tools: The platform presents only the necessary and reportable records relevant to your hiring process, minimizing bias and human error. 


1. Quality & Accuracy 

When choosing a background service, accuracy and quality should be at the forefront. Inaccurate data can lead to misguided hiring decisions that pose potential risks to the workplace and your company's reputation.  


From its app to tailored solutions, Certn's technology helps deliver a mobile- and candidate-first experience. Its biometrics and facial recognition features ensure access to 190+ countries and territories, making this tool highly conducive for the gig economy and organizations with a global, mostly remote workforce. 


Cisive's biggest competitive advantage is their 99.9994% accuracy rate. Add to that an unblemished history of ZERO class action lawsuit judgments and complaints to regulatory agencies. Cisive is dedicated to success and quality at every step of their process. Cisive’s team of experts in criminology, legal, and compliance ensure consistent delivery of thorough, high-quality, and compliant reports. 


Record matching is a process Checkr relies on to help prevent errors in over-reporting (record that belongs to someone else) and under-reporting (not disclosing a reportable record). 

When Checkr generates a report, it requires adequate personally identifiable information (PII) that matches both the record and the documents provided by the candidate. Since Social Security numbers are typically not publicly available, Checkr relies on other PII to establish a connection. If the candidate has a common name, additional information is required by Checkr to ensure a proper match.  


2. Customizability 

Knowing how you can adjust a background screening service to your needs is crucial in the decision making process. Your screening service should offer you the ability to adapt screening criteria based on your organization's needs and contribute to a streamlined hiring process.  


Certn is integrated with major applicant tracking system (ATS) providers, compliance and hiring platforms, property management software, and channel partners to give you a seamless experience, given your current tech stack. The app also gives you a no-code integration experience, which makes it easy for everyone to customize the hiring process regardless of tech-savvy. 


Cisive provides a comprehensive suite of employment screening technology that can be easily integrated with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This seamless integration empowers clients to customize and align the screening process with your existing workflows. 


Checkr developed the first scalable open API for background checks. It lets users integrate, embed, and connect with their core systems to automate hiring and onboarding workflows. 

Checkr has links to 100+ partners and its proprietary data network, not to mention access to 200+ countries and territories for background checks. 


3. Customer Experience 

It's no secret that customer experience is important. In background screening, however, that importance increases tenfold.  

A positive customer experience ensures seamless communication and timely support throughout the screening process. Services who prioritize this not only streamline your background checking procedure but establish a partnership with you.  


Certn is praised for their quick turnaround time which eases both candidates and hiring managers.  

They offer customer support 24/7, however, their support teams are not dedicated to specific accounts meaning anyone assisting you has to familiarize themselves with your account. This is common practice. Support is also available through their FAQs and chat.  


Cisive is highly regarded for exceptional security measures and a user-friendly platform that supports users at every step, whether they are a hiring manager or candidate. Of the three platforms, Cisive seems to be the only one that offers regular training for its users to keep them up to speed with background check regulations and other relevant laws. Cisive’s positive reviews from users demonstrate their appreciation for this continuous education. 

Cisive stands out among the crowd for customer support. When users have a problem, they are able to contact their support team 24/7. Each account has a dedicated team to assist with troubleshooting, enhancing the support experience. When you choose Cisive, you choose a partnership, not just a service! 


Checkr has had several reports of system glitches, costing users as many as 8 days delay in their verification process.  

Users remark that Checkr could benefit from better customer onboarding introducing users to the features available to them and how to navigate the platform. Despite these remarks, customer support is overall well-rated, with the ability to contact their support team via email or phone during the outlined hours. Checkr also offers a knowledge base and FAQs for 24/7 reference.  


4. Pricing 

While not the only important factor, cost plays a critical role in choosing the right service for your organization. When choosing, you will want to look for a platform that offers you the flexibility to purchase what will be best for your team, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. While features are nice to have, quality features outrank a slew of unnecessary ones.  


Certn does not offer standard prices on their site. Instead, you can have a conversation with one of their experts to create a "flexible package that suits your needs". While there is no pricing information, users rate Certn a 4.5 for "value for money."  


Rather than provide you with services you do not need or won't use, Cisive will create a package that is right for your needs, which will determine your unique organization’s pricing. 


Checkr offers a free trial, after which you have three options: 

        • Basic+, which is the quickest and most basic. Starts at $29.99 per check  
        • Essential, with more complete criminal history. Starts from $54.99/check 
        • Professional, also verifies education and employment. Starts from $79.99/check 

You can get up to $40 off for the first order from any option. 


Certn vs. Cisive vs. Checkr: Which Is Best for You? 


Let's do a quick breakdown of these solutions: 

    • Certn offers a mobile-friendly and candidate-first experience with advances technology such as biometrics and facial recognition. However, their quality and accuracy ratings are not as openly discussed as their ease of use and quick turnaround time. 

    • Cisive is your go-to for quality, accuracy, and comprehensive support. Users boast about the intuitive user interface and Cisive’s commitment to staying up-to-date with industry regulations. Not to mention, Cisive offers the highest accuracy rating of the aforementioned screening solutions to accompany our ceaseless dedication to customer service. 

    • Checkr offers record matching and their 100+ partners and data network give them access to a wide range of information, which can help ensure accurate results. Despite this, users have experience frequent technical issues and inconsistent wait times.  


Optimize Employee Screenings with Cisive 

We are committed to delivering thorough, high-quality, and compliant background checks. Our constant investment in technology enables us to provide you with the highest value for your background screening needs. Our fully customizable solution offers more value than Checkr or Certn and allows you to integrate with your existing tech stack and workflow! 

Choose Cisive for a user-friendly interface and accuracy. Reach out today to learn more. 


 Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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