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First Advantage vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: 2024 Comparison

  • January 16, 2024
  • Alan Gordon
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  • Updated on April 13, 2024

In a time where talent acquisition is more competitive than ever, background checks have increased their value in the hiring process. This increased value has led to an increased need in reliable background screening solutions that aid in the informed and confident hiring of new candidates.  

Of the solutions available, Cisive, First Advantage, and HireRight are prominent, each offering a unique set of services for a range of companies. But how do you choose? 

In this guide, we will walk through the features of each platform, identifying advantages and drawbacks to help you make the best choice for your company.  



Key Takeaways

Before we delve deeper, here’s a summary of the key differences between these background screening platforms: 

        • Both Cisive and HireRight boast a high accuracy rating, however, HireRight has faced class-action lawsuits surrounding candidate record accuracy. Cisive is dedicated to accuracy and truthful reporting.   
        • HireRight and Cisive offer support via phone and email. Cisive offers 24x7 support via a dedicated and internally staffed service representative. First Advantage has a chat feature, although customer support is siloed by department, which can cause a poor experience for users needing assistance. 
        • HireRight & Cisive offers HR real-time analytics, a great feature when screening candidates for your own business and not as an agency. 
        • First Advantage offers tiered pricing. HireRight offers set pricing for infrequent users, and both Cisive and HireRight offer custom pricing based on your specific needs.  



Table of Contents

First Advantage


What Is First Advantage? 


Rating: 3.7/5.0 (G2 

First Advantage delivers comprehensive background check and drug screening solutions — from criminal records to continuous monitoring. It's commonly used not only for pre-employment checks but also for rental property screening.  

First Advantages offers users actionable and data-based insights in the Insight Advantage diagnostic dashboards allows employers to measure hiring success throughout the process, from job posting to budget tracking.  

Designed to streamline the hiring and onboarding processes of businesses of any size, First Advantage offers scalable solutions to suit individual needs.  


cisive Color


What Is Cisive? 


Rating: 4.6/5.0 (G2 

Cisive offers the most accurate employee background screening services in the market today — an accuracy rate of 99.9994%! 

Their background screening solutions are supported by a rule-based workflow engine, which results in the most up-to-date compliance forms.  

Cisive’s solution releases reports tailored to your needs, giving you the flexibility to customize the process into your workflow. 

The proprietary, platform-neutral, and mobile-enabled HCM technology streamlines the applicant and candidate experience. The journey from pre-hire screening and post-hire onboarding has gone paperless and seamless. 

And if you need a trusted executive intelligence solution, you'll be in good and able hands, thanks to Cisive’s team of criminologists and law enforcement, legal, and compliance experts who will vet your high-caliber job candidates. 




What Is HireRight? 


Rating: 3.3/5.0 (G2 

HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug testing, Form I-9, and employment and education verifications.  

The platform comes with a user-friendly interface that functions seamlessly even with limited internet bandwidth. It also allows you to customize packages specific to an entity. 

With its extensive reach, HireRight provides global background screening resources tailored to local experiences.  

HireRight is known for its ability to navigate the intricate landscape of local regulatory compliance — all while addressing security requirements with a stringent eye. 

Background Screening Software Comparison

First Advantage Cisive HireRight Comparison Chart

First Advantage vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: Key Features 


1. Quality & Accuracy 

How do each of these platforms fare in terms of quality and accuracy? Let's find out. 


First Advantage 

First Advantage prides itself on its global footprint, "serving employers in 200+ countries and territories, performing more than 75 million screens in more than 19 languages to over 18 million applicants annually." 

It leverages and continuously develops intelligent technologies — not only to keep screening simple but also to ensure quality and accuracy.  

The innovative methodology behind First Advantage carefully packages your data in a way that complies with global and local regulatory requirements.  

While First Advantage does offer innovative methodologies, users note the extra steps involved in evaluating results due to results populating separately, as opposed to being compiled in one spot. 



Cisive holds the highest accuracy rating of the platforms mentioned: 99.9994%! They strive to provide accurate, timely, and legally compliant pre-employment background checks, consistently offering high-quality talent acquisition experiences for their clients and their candidates. 

Cisive has an unblemished history of ZERO class action lawsuit judgments and complaints to regulatory agencies — a true testament to their thoroughness, quality, and compliance.  



HireRight's long history of industry firsts and focus on innovation sets it apart regarding quality. Its smart, customer-focused solutions increase efficiency, speed up time-to-hire, and provide candidates with a simplified experience. 

HireRight boasts fast and accurate results, with 99.98% dispute-free and more criminal hits than other providers. Though their accuracy rating has risen, HireRight was sued by the Federal Trade Commission in 2012 for providing outdated reports.  


2. Customizability 

Customizability is an important factor to consider when choosing a background screening solution. What's the level of flexibility and customizability of each platform? Do they have robust integrations, creating a seamless experience for all users? Let's see how the platforms hold up against one another.


First Advantage 

This platform offers a variety of integrations, from industry-leading ATS to SSO. First Advantage's robust partner system includes integrations with top brands including Workday, Jobvite, and Tempworks.  

First Advantage offers a variety of workflow automations to enhance the hiring process for employers and candidates alike.  



Cisive offers highly customizable employment screening technology that seamlessly integrates with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This allows clients to create a tailored process that aligns perfectly with their existing workflows. 

Cisive's cutting-edge HCM technology solutions empower your business with impactful data and insights. Their comprehensive services offer flexibility and customization, including onboarding, analytics reporting, ID verification, and a user-friendly mobile app.  



HireRight empowers its users with a self-service feature that links to more than 70 applicant tracking system integrations with the industry’s leading providers allowing you to customize and build your desired integration solution easily. 

The HireRight Connect API allows organizations to design fully automated, scalable, and seamless integrations with HireRight applications as long as they meet system requirements.  

It provides comprehensive support for the development process with API documentation, best practice guides, and technical consultation services if needed. 


3. Customer Experience 

Customer experience is one of the key factors in determining your hiring process success. Candidates should not have to use bulky platforms to submit their applications and documentation. Employers should not have to search in multiple spots for result.  

Candidates and employers both need to know they have reliable support available to them whenever they face a problem in their screening process. Let's see how the platforms measure up in customer experience.  


First Advantage 

Current users praise First Advantage for their ability to resolve issues promptly and demonstrates unwavering dedication to providing solutions. Though there are often complaints surrounding turnaround times, the customer support team are normally communicative throughout the process, assisting however they can.  

While most users praise the friendliness and excellent customer support, a few mention the extra time taken up by having to be transferred to multiple departments. 



Cisive’s users highly regard them for their exceptional security measures and user-friendly platform. To make sure no one feels confused or isolated throughout the process, they offer regular trainings to keep their users up-to-date with background check regulations and other relevant laws. 

Additionally, Cisive’s dedication to customer service is unmatched. Cisive believes in you, which they demonstrate through a continued partnership to better your screening and hiring processes.  



The platform has a user-friendly interface that seamlessly operates on low internet bandwidth, increasing its accessibility to employers and candidates. HireRight seeks to enhance the user experience with its extensive support, thanks to its global account management services. 

The main concern for users revolves around turnaround times in receiving the requested reports.  


4. Pricing 

We know pricing tends to be top-of-mind when evaluating any solution. While a careful look at pricing is important, you want to be sure the cost is aligning to the quality and features your organization requires for success.  


First Advantage 

First Advantage offers three plans: Basic, Basic Plus, and Advanced. To receive pricing information, users will need to contact their sales team to discuss which plan is best for their individual needs.  



Instead of offering a plethora of service that don't serve your company, Cisive offers custom quotes based on your needs. Their offerings allow you the opportunity to optimize your budget and align your hiring with facets that matter most to your company and industry. If you are ready for more information, speak with one of Cisive's experts today!  



To receive a quote based on your needs, users will need to request a call with the HireRight sales team. For users who are looking for more infrequent solution, Backgroundchecks.com –a HireRight company –offers instant checks with prices ranging from $36.47 to $76.95, depending on the reports included.  


First Advantage vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: Which Is Best for You? 

If customization, a user-friendly interface, top-notch accuracy, and excellent user onboarding are your top priorities, then Cisive will fit your business like a glove. 

When you choose Cisive, you choose a partnership. Our team of dedicated customer support representatives and subject matter experts are prepared to enhance your hiring decisions every step of the way. To sweeten the deal, we offer regular trainings for our customers on how to maximize our platform while keeping up with the ever-changing legal, compliance, and industry standards.  

If you prioritize a global footprint, First Advantage is a great solution, while HireRight focuses more attention on self-service and integrations.  


Enhance Your Employee Screening with Cisive 

As you consider your options between First Advantage vs. HireRight vs. Cisive, take note of their reliability in terms of accuracy, customer support, speed, and compliance. 

You'll find that Cisive stands out among the platforms in each of these areas.  

We are committed to providing thorough, high-quality, and compliant background checks with streamlined results designed to enhance your processes, rather than adding steps.  

Come learn more about how we can help you enhance your employee screening process! 


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