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Accurate vs. Cisive vs. Checkr: 2024 Comparison

  • January 3, 2024
  • Alan Gordon
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  • Updated on April 13, 2024

Background checks are a critical step to finding the best talent while minimizing potential risks. While there is obvious risk in not using a background check, the risk of an inaccurate background check can be just as concerning.  

Inaccuracies in background screenings can cause rippling effects across teams. While there are a plethora of background screening solutions to choose from, many have been entangled in class-action lawsuits of some sort, due to inaccuracies in records and reporting.  

In this guide, we will compare three popular background screening platforms: Accurate, Cisive, and Checkr.  



Here are the key differences between Accurate, Cisive, and Checkr: 

        • Cisive is the only screening solution of Accurate vs Checker vs Cisive to not have had a class-action lawsuit.  
        • Cisive offers custom pricing so you never pay for features you don’t need. Checkr is more affordable than Accurate.  
        • Cisive offers a dedicated, expert account management team and 24x7 support. Accurate and Checkr have good customer support.  
        • All three platforms offer customizability. Cisive stands out with its HR real-time analytics. 


Table of Contents 

  1. Meet the Companies 
  2. Software Comparison
  3. Key Feature: Quality & Accuracy 
  4. Key Feature: Customizability 
  5. Key Feature: Customer Experience 
  6. Key Feature: Pricing
  7. Which is best for you? 
  8. FAQs

Accurate Logo

What Is Accurate?

Accurate is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline client background check management. Accurate provides seamless access to criminal and other public records for candidates being considered for interview and/or job placements.  

One of Accurate's most popular features is its background check API, which allows users to easily connect Accurate to their web and mobile applications. This allows candidates to submit background check forms directly using their computer or mobile phone, streamlining the process for both employers and candidates.  



What Is Cisive?

Cisive is a leading background screening solution that provides high-value employment background checks and industry-specific compliance services.  

Cisive is accredited with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and provides the most accurate pre and post-employment background screening while helping clients address the complex challenges that arise during the background screening process.  

Cisive’s extensive services include (but are not limited to): 

With 24/7 support and a designated, internally staffed account management team who handles your account, you will never have to navigate your background screening process alone again. 



What Is Checkr?

Checkr is one of the fastest background check solutions on the market. It helps fast-track the recruitment process and is known for its focus on the candidate experience, providing candidates with status updates and transparency throughout the background screening process in their portal.  

Checkr offers industry and size-based solutions for domestic and international teams.  


Background Screening Software Comparison

Accurate Cisive Checkr Comparison Chart


Accurate vs. Cisive vs. Checkr: Key Features 


1. Quality & Accuracy 

Accuracy is critical in the background screening process. Imagine you hire an employee who is unqualified or unknowingly overlook the perfect candidate due to an inaccurate background check. We want to help make sure that doesn't happen.  

Below, we discuss each of the three tools’ quality and accuracy. 


Accurate claims a 99.99% accuracy rate for their search tool, AccurateAxis. The tool is fast and offers real-time information to users.  

While the current accuracy levels are high, Accurate has been sued in the past, due to inaccuracies in their reports.  


In the 40+ years since its inception, Cisive has had zero class-action lawsuits and zero data breaches.  

When performing a background check, Cisive accesses the original source at court repositories in addition to utilizing a multiple-repository approach. Applicant identity information is then reviewed up to five times for accuracy.  

Cisive’s criminal history checks have a 99.9994% accuracy rate, allowing you to confidently screen candidates and minimize your liability exposure. 


Checkr offers great accuracy using its Positive Adjudication Matrix (PAM). The PAM eliminates confusion around how counties log and describe offenses, improving accuracy and giving HR managers more insight.  

Like Accurate, Checkr has also been sued in the past for erroneous background checks. 


2. Customizability 

Customizability allows you to tailor the solution to your business’s specific needs, further aligning your hiring process to your organization's needs.  

Below, we discuss the customizability that each solution offers. 


Accurate allows you to customize the background screening process. In the Candidate Portal, users are able to customize communication workflows related to notices and disclosures, as well as automations. The platform’s customizable, open-ended questions allow screeners to get a deeper understanding of issues that matter the most to their organization.  


Cisive is a fully customizable background screening solution. The Cisive Analytic Reporting Tool (CART) offers a custom real-time analytics engine that enables you to access relevant data and generate customizable reports that help make data-driven decisions. 

Most ATS have pre-defined trigger points that HR teams typically don’t have to configure manually. Cisive maintains this precedent by generally triggering background screenings at the offer stage. Additionally, Cisive allows you to further define trigger points to automate and optimize the background screening process.  


Checkr is a highly customizable solution. Users can choose specific triggers, actions, and searches to create custom scenarios or workflows.  

Checkr also allows users to set custom permissions for initiating and reviewing reports, user management, and adjudication criteria. Users can also customize motor vehicle record rules, which is especially helpful for those hiring commercial drivers. 


3. Customer Experience 

User-friendly platforms increase customer retention, are easy to implement, and reduce the resources necessary to train employees. Customer support on both the candidate and team is crucial to the success of the hiring process. The last thing anyone needs is the obstacle of learning a solution that is supposed to make life easier.  


Accurate’s platform is powerful and user-friendly, which makes managing the background screening process easier. Users can initiate manual screenings, track the status of a check, and get valuable insights to support their recruiting strategy. 

Customer support is available via phone, email, and chat. Their support team is reliable, helpful, and typically quick.  


Cisive simplifies background screening with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-read reports. Unlike the clunky reports you see on other background screening platforms, Cisive’s reports are clean and highlight important information so you can quickly identify the data that matters. 

Cisive offers quick support via a dedicated service representative. Their internally staffed representatives handle all concerns through your dashboard via a 24/7 help desk so you never have to wait too long for assistance!  


Checkr offers pre-bundled background check packages that make it easier and faster to get started. Checkr enhances candidate experience with its mobile-optimized and user-friendly candidate portal that guides users through the background screening process. 

Support is available only through email, with some users reporting slow, but helpful, responses. 


4. Pricing 

We know pricing tends to be top-of-mind when evaluating any solution. While a careful look at pricing is important, you want to be sure the cost is aligning to the quality and features your organization requires for success.  


Accurate charges a $25 setup fee to verify your business and create an account and offers three tiers:  

        • The Basic plan costs $32.23 per report  
        • The Standard plan costs $64.53 per report and includes access to 7-year Criminal History and the Global Watch feature in addition to the features in the basic plan. 
        • The Premium plan costs $80.68 per report, which includes access to all of the features in the lower plans with the addition of 1 Education Verification and 1 Employment Verification.  


Cisive offers custom pricing, so you never pay for a feature you don’t need. Speak to a Cisive expert about your needs to understand how Cisive can offer the most value to your business and get a quote.  


Checkr offers three pricing plans: 

        • The Basic plan costs $29.99 per check and helps access features like SSN trace, sex offender registry, global watchlist records, and national criminal records. 
        • The Essential plan costs $54.99 per check and includes unlimited county criminal search in addition to features in the basic plan. 
        • The Professional plan costs $79.99 per check and includes additional features like education verification and employment verification. 


Accurate vs. Cisive vs. Checkr: Which Is Best for You? 

Cisive offers the most accurate global background screening and employee onboarding in compliance-focused industries.  

Accurate and Checkr are great services. They have a long-standing reputation, offer customization options, and are excellent for businesses wanting to hire in bulk.  

With the addition of Cisive’s dedication to customer support, Cisive stands out among the crowd. Their solution is available to be customized to your needs and their support is no different.  


Access the Most Accurate Employee Screening Services With Cisive 

Our focus on providing the most accurate background checks and our continuous investment in technology and systems enable us to deliver the highest value to our clients. We offer a full onboarding solution, provide a fully customizable platform that fits your workflow, never outsource any part of client service, and are 100% compliance-driven. 

When compared to platforms like Accurate and Checkr, Cisive offers more value through customizability, ease of use, and an extensive feature set. 

Speak to a Cisive expert today! 




What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Between Automate and Manual Background Screening Processes? 

The choice between automated and manual screening largely depends on your needs, resources, and hiring process.  

Automated screening processes increase efficiency by reducing the margin of human error during high-volume hiring.  

Manual processes may be more suitable for smaller organization or roles that require a more nuances candidate review. However, the assessment of time spent completing manual screening should be tracked in order to identify possible inefficiencies.  


How Can I Ensure the Background Screening Solution I Choose Meets Legal Compliance Standards? 

Choosing a background screening solution provider that is well-verses in state, federal, and industry regulations is critical. In discussions with the sales team and in your own exploration, search for answers on how they keep up to date with legal compliance matters. Most, if not all, providers should have legal compliance indicated on their website.  


What Impact Can Turnaround Time Have on My Hiring Process? 

While faster results can expedite your hiring process, inaccuracies will only slow it. When choosing a background screening solution provider, ask how the provider manages the balance between speed and accuracy, ensuring that both align with your organization's needs. 

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