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GoodHire vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: 2024 Comparison

  • December 12, 2023
  • Alan Gordon
  • Approx. Read Time: 8 Minutes
  • Updated on April 13, 2024

Hiring the wrong candidate can lead to a cascade of problems. Imagine unknowingly bringing on an employee with inadequate credentials or qualifications. The consequences of making the wrong choice are not always dire, but they can be. These decisions can impact organizations on multiple levels. From underwhelming work results to compliance breaches, the pitfalls are endless. 

These are only some of the many reasons it is essential to make an informed decision when choosing a background screening solution.  

In this article, we compare three popular background screening solutions—GoodHire vs. HireRight vs. Cisive–offering insights to the key features and offerings that make each stand out.  




Here’s a quick overview of how GoodHire, HireRight, and Cisive are different: 

      • Cisive stands out for offering 24/7 in-house customer service support with a dedicated team, as well as the highest accuracy rate in the industry.
      • HireRight and Goodhire offer some customization, while Cisive is fully customizable. Cisive and HireRight go a step further with their HR real-time analytics features. 
      • Goodhire offers tiered pricing depending on the number of background checks ordered. Cisive's pricing is custom, based on the needs and desires of your organization. HireRight does not disclose pricing information on their website. 

Table of Contents 

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What Is GoodHire?

GoodHire is a background screening solution providing a variety of screening services to businesses of all sizes. Their customizable solutions are designed to be user friendly, providing at-a-glance results and status updates. GoodHire background screenings can be used across industries and roles. 



What Is HireRight?

HireRight offers comprehensive background screening services in over 200 countries and with an app that supports over 20 languages. The platform integrates with many popular business apps, including applicant tracking systems (ATS). Integrating background screening with your ATS enables you to view results in real time and track potential hires. 

The option to run background checks in most countries as well as multilingual support makes HireRight worth considering for large enterprises. 


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What Is Cisive?

With more than 45 years working with some of the most highly regulated industries, Cisive is unlike any other background screening provider. Cisive’s single integrated system ensures complete applicant information and can be used across the globe, and enterprise clients can expect streamlined processes and results, delivered through a centralized system.  

If you are hesitant because you haven’t used a background screening solution before, you can rely on Cisive’s dedicated, expert account management team. With Cisive, you gain a partner dedicated to protecting your organization and providing individualized consultation. Cisive’s team will help you with onboarding as well as pre and post-employment background screening. 

When you need help, reach out to your designated client service representative—Cisive’s service representatives are internally staffed and available to help via a 24/7 helpdesk. 


Background Screening Software Comparison


GoodHire vs HireRight vs Cisive Comparison Chart

GoodHire vs. HireRight vs. Cisive: Key Features 


1. Quality and Accuracy 

The importance of high-quality and accurate background checks are vital cannot be emphasized enough. Quality and accuracy are not only about compliance and regulations, but maintaining your reputation and workforce efficiency.  

In the sections below, we will discuss the quality and accuracy of GoodHire vs. HireRight vs. Cisive. 


GoodHire offers a less than 0.1% error rate, partially attributable to its in-house, FCRA-certified quality assurance team. Their team works to review results, cross-reference data, and verify for accuracy.  

While their current error rate is low, it is worth noting GoodHire has faced two lawsuits in the past for violation of the FCRA. 


HireRight is a popular service for global background screening, thanks to its quality and accuracy. 99.98% of the time, users will receive undisputed reports leading them to the candidates they need. This means that for every 100,000 background checks, HireRight would make an error with approximately 20.  

That said, HireRight did face a lawsuit in 2012 surrounding the accuracy of their reports.  


Cisive is the most accurate background checking service on the market with a 99.9994% accuracy rate. This means that for every 100,000 background checks, Cisive would make an error with less than 1. Since Cisive’s inception, they have not faced any class action lawsuits and have had no data breaches.  Cisive strives to provide you with accurate results guiding you to the talent you need. 


2. Customizability 

The more customizable a solution, the easier it is to integrate it into your tech stack and processes. Let’s talk about the customizability of each solution. 


GoodHire allows users to tailor their screening to their needs. Businesses can choose from a variety of pre-made packages or customize their own.  


HireRight offers various customizable options. The platform allows users to customize and build integrations to integrate HireRight into their business’s tech stack. The background screenings and reports are customizable as well, enabling users to focus on the data most important to them. 


Cisive is a fully customizable background screening solution. Cisive Analytic Reporting Tool (CART), Cisive’s most remarkable feature, is powered by a custom real-time analytics engine that helps access relevant data and offers extensive, customizable HR analytics. Once you configure the HR analytics to your preference, CART auto-generates reports as per your preferences in the future. 

Cisive is also 100% configurable and compatible with any ATS, allowing you to build a process that works with existing ones.  


3. Customer Experience 

The top background checking solutions have an easy-to-use interface and a great support team. When selecting a background screening solution, ease of use and support are vital. No one wants to face a major learning curve when they are trying to build their team confidently.  

In the sections below, we will discuss customer experience across GoodHire vs. HireRight vs. Cisive. 


GoodHire has an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface. Users report that the turnaround time and candidate support responses are impressively fast. The platform employs a reliable, US-based and FCRA-certified support team.  


HireRight’s interface is easy to navigate and has ready-to-use integrations to connect HireRight with existing tech stacks. Alternatively, users can use the HireRight Connect API to build integrations with their preferred tools and technologies. 

The support team at HireRight is available via phone and email, however, user reviews indicate the support quality isn’t always the best. Customers complain that the support team is hard to reach and often non-responsive. 


Cisive’s interface is intuitive and its simplified background check service is easy to use, even for beginners.  

If you’ve used a background screening solution before, you’re probably familiar with the clunkiness of the reports. Cisive generates clean, focused reports and highlights important information so you can quickly identify critical data. 

Cisive’s customer service experts are available to help you via a 24/7 helpdesk. Cisive doesn’t outsource any part of client service and ensures that the in-house team is trained to provide you with the best experience. 


4. Pricing 

Pricing is an important factor when evaluating background screening services. Playing the balancing game between affordability and quality is tough but necessary. When evaluating pricing, look for a solution that meets your needs while offering maximum value for money.  


GoodHire offers two pricing options: Less than 10 Checks Yearly and More Than 10 Checks Yearly.  

For users who plan to run no more than 10 background checks per year, GoodHire offers three pricing tiers: 

      • Basic+ ($29.99/check): Includes SSN trace, sex offender registry search, global watchlist records, and national criminal records 
      • Essential ($54.99/check): Everything in Basic+, plus unlimited county criminal search 
      • Professional ($79.99/check): Everything in Essential, plus education verification and employment verification 

Users can choose not to pay a monthly price if their needs are sporadic. The pricing for screening depends on the volume and depth of information desired. However, a one-time setup fee will be incurred to verify the business.  

Users who plan to run more than 10 checks per year will need to request a custom quote.  


To receive a quote, interested users will need to complete a sales form or call the sales team. Interested users can utilize HireRight's company, Backgroundchecks.com, for instant, one-off checks with prices ranging from $36.47 to $76.95.  


Cisive offers a custom quote based on your business’s needs to ensure you only pay for what you need. It also gives you the freedom to select background screening options to optimize the price to match your budget. Speak with a Cisive expert today to understand how Cisive can help screen talent effectively while staying within your budget. 


GoodHire vs. HireRight vs. Cisive: Which Is Best for You? 

Determining the right pick will ultimately depend on what you prioritize as an organization.  

Cisive exceeds GoodHire and HireRight in terms of accuracy, quality of support, and user-friendliness. Custom pricing helps you pick a plan that suits your needs and budget.  

Cisive’s dedication to customer support shines bright, as your assigned expert account management teams are available to you at each step, 24/7. Gone are the days of struggling through a solution on your own.  

If you hire talent from across the world and require multilingual support, HireRight is a great pick. However, GoodHire is a more popular service due to its multiple pricing tiers for companies that require fewer than 10 checks per year. 


Unlock True Talent Intelligence with Cisive 

You could lose top talent and your reputation as an employer because of inaccurate background screening. When evaluating costs and deciding between background screening solutions, keep in mind the cost of hiring poor candidates or struggling through a solution with minimal support.  

Cisive is fully customizable, flexible enough to fit into your workflow, offers a full onboarding system, and is 100% compliance-driven. When you need help, Cisive’s in-house support team is available 24/7, so you never have to wait too long. 

Speak to a Cisive expert today! 



What Screening Options Should I Consider When Selecting a Background Screening Service? 

The screening options you consider will depend on your organization and industry's needs. Common options include: 

    • Criminal Background Checks 
    • Employment and Education Verification 
    • SSN Checks 
    • Continuous Criminal Monitoring 

How Do Background Screening Services Ensure the Accuracy of the Reports Provided? 

Background check accuracy is maintained through the use of reliable sources and verification processes. When selecting a service, it is crucial to evaluate if there have been any lawsuits regarding accuracy, how recent they were, and what measures were taken to remediate the issue.  

Alternatively, you could choose a solution like Cisive, with no data breeches or lawsuits in its history.  

What Is the Typical Turnaround Time for Background Screening Reports? 

Turnaround time can vary among providers. Faster turnaround times can help expedited the hiring process, however, the priority should always be accuracy.  

When choosing a background services screening solution, be sure to inquire about the expected turnaround time. Be on the lookout for a provider who balances speed with accuracy.  

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