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Checkr vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: 2024 Comparison

  • May 23, 2024
  • Christy Clifton
  • Approx. Read Time: 7 Minutes
  • Updated on May 23, 2024
Checkr vs Cisive vs HireRight

When hiring employees, it’s important that all your systems create a smooth process and secure qualified job applicants. Using the right background screening software can help you achieve these goals. 

But which software is best for you, and what should you look for when comparing products? Below, we compare three leading background screening software products: Checkr vs. Cisive vs. HireRight. We highlight the features, compare each product, and help you decide which one is best for your business.



Key Takeaways

What should you look for in background screening software? Here are the key differences between these screening platforms:

          • Reporting accuracy: The product with the highest accuracy rate gives you better reports to help you make better decisions. HireRight and Cisive both have over 99% accuracy.
          • Reporting speed: Faster turnarounds speed up the hiring process and keep productivity moving in the workplace. Checkr tends to be slightly faster, while HireRight and Cisive focus on accuracy.
          • Customization: Why settle for limited pricing and products when you can have personalized reports? All three offer flexibility and customization options.
          • Pricing: Not all companies have the same pricing structure, so be aware of what you’re purchasing. Checkr and HireRight have tiered structures, while Cisive lets you pay only for the features you need.
          • Customer Experience: Compare products based on the quality of customer service and user experience at the dashboard. Checkr is user-friendly but has slow customer service, HireRight is easy to use but slightly outdated, and Cisive has highly responsive customer service.


Table of Contents

  1. What Is Checkr?
  2. What Is Cisive?
  3. What Is HireRight?
  4. Comparison Overview
  5. Checkr vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: Key Features




What Is Checkr?

Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 263 G2 reviews)

Checkr’s background screening platform is built on artificial intelligence and machine learning. These features are designed to reduce manual tasks and create a more streamlined hiring process. Checkr prides itself on maximum accuracy and compliance. Its target industries include staffing, technology, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and food services.


What Does It Do?

Users can choose from several products and services under the umbrella of background screening and compliance. The software offers access for both employers and applicants, as well as full engagement with developers. It creates an all-encompassing dashboard that acts as a hub for all digital hiring processes.


Key Features

Checkr’s products and solutions range from standard background checks and reporting to I-9 verifications, compliance tools, and API integrations. There are separate options for small and large businesses. It even offers analytics tools and continuous checks.



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What Is Cisive?

Rating: 4.6/5 (based on 87 G2 reviews)

Cisive is a single platform that integrates and harmonizes your hiring processes, utilizing advanced tools and services. Formed over 40 years ago, we have transformed the way employers screen and hire applicants

Our PreCheck and Driver iQ tools ensure workplace safety and help you match the right talent to the right job. Industries include healthcare, transportation, financial services, tech, and business.


What Does It Do?

Cisive’s platform is geared toward regulated industries where workplace safety and compliance are high priorities. Instead of using canned templates or structured plans, Cisive’s services provide flexibility and more customization options. This can be a valuable feature if you like your software services a la carte. Automated solutions and notifications simplify the hiring process.


Key Features

Cisive covers all the bases when it comes to employee background checks and verifications. Features include standard checks as well as drug testing and health screening and compliance checks. The ongoing applicant and employee monitoring tool allows you to track applicants throughout the hiring process.





What Is HireRight?

Rating: 3.3/5 (based on 128 G2 reviews)

HireRight is a software provider that offers online employee background screening and compliance services. As an internet-based HR solution, the company has evolved into a global platform focused on screenings, compliance, and monitoring.


What Does It Do?

HireRight’s easy-to-set-up dashboard offers an endless array of tools and services designed to make hiring easier. It provides services and resources for applicants and employers, as well as API integrations for developers. Users can conduct screenings globally, utilizing local resources per applicant’s location. The service covers 14 industries.


Key Features

Like all other background screening services, HireRight’s features start with full background checks and reports. Its Due Diligence feature allows you to dig deeper into background checks and verifications. The platform provides API integrations and workforce monitoring, all for businesses of any size.


Comparison Overview

BLOG CHART_ Checkr vs. Cisive vs. HireRight_ Comparison

Checkr vs. Cisive vs. HireRight: Key Features

Choosing the right software requires a closer look at what the product offers and how it aligns with your goals. Below, we dig a little deeper to give you more insight for your product comparison.


Quality & Accuracy

The quality and accuracy of the reports are paramount when performing employee background checks. You make better hiring decisions when you base them on accurate data. Below, we compare the accuracy of the three products.



Checkr’s website doesn’t provide any information on accuracy rates. However, it does claim that customers report 78% improved accuracy when using the software. It’s unclear whether the improvement is from manual processes or compared to other digital products.



Cisive boasts the industry’s strongest background check accuracy rate with 99.9994%. It’s also class-action lawsuit-free, meaning it’s trusted on both sides of the hiring process with zero incidents. We also maintain a strong reputation among background screening software providers.



HireRight’s website claims it can deliver reports with 99.98% accuracy, offering customers fast, dispute-free results. The website also says that the software draws from local, national, and international primary sources.



Comprehensive plans that cover all bases may be a benefit. However, flexible plans and options are often preferred when you may not need all the features and tools available. When looking for customization, explore options in pricing, workflows, tiers, tools, and reports.



Checkr offers three pricing plans. However, each plan is highly structured and doesn’t offer much flexibility. There are no details on the website as to what customizable options are available. They do provide flexibility for API and software integrations.



Of all the background screening software providers, Cisive is the only company that provides a fully customizable service. We allow you to pick and choose which tools and features you want to use, so you don’t waste time or money. Simply meet with your representative, discuss your needs, and sign up for only the services you want.



HireRight states that it offers flexible, tailored solutions, but it doesn’t go into detail. Since they also offer tiered plans, some customization may be built-in. The website claims that it offers 70+ API integrations, which can be a benefit if you also use other hiring-related software.


Customer Experience

Customer experience encompasses two areas: customer service and user experience. Look for a provider that provides a smooth process on both fronts. How do these competitors stack up?



Information from several review sites gives the impression that Checkr’s dashboard and screening process are easy to use. Many of the processes are automated and mobile-ready. Negative feedback has indicated occasional reporting delays and slow customer service. Plus, there are no automatic notifications offered.



With an average rating of 4.5 on most sites, Cisive receives high marks in almost every area. Users report the platform is easy to set up and use, and it's backed by a responsive customer support team. The reporting data is clear, accurate, and precise. 

The high accuracy of the reports can delay reporting time slightly. Also, some users state that the platform could use additional customization in some areas. 



Although HireRight receives good ratings (3.5/5 to 4.5/5 on most sites), reviews tell a different story. Users often complain about slow and inaccurate reports, poor customer service, and outdated technology. On the upside, the platform is easy to use and offers useful integrations. Some users claim that it has the best global checks of any service.



Most software providers either offer a flat rate for a single report or a discounted rate for bulk reporting. They also charge for add-ons and other independent features. Let’s look at the pricing for each platform below.



Checkr offers standard tier pricing for single reports. You can choose Basic Reports (criminal background checks) for $29, Essential Reports (in-depth criminal checks) for $54, or Professional Reports (criminal checks with a few added features) for $79. 

They also offer annual rates for companies that request more than 300 reports annually. There are also lots of add-ons for fees.



Cisive’s pricing structure is unlike that of any other competitor in the industry. We don’t charge a flat rate for single orders or establish a bulk threshold. Instead, we offer custom pricing based on your exact hiring needs. That way, you don’t waste money paying for services or tools you’ll never use. Contact the customer service team for specific pricing.



HireRight’s price structure is similar to Checkr’s. It’s based on a three-tier system with bulk and add-on features available. The Economy Report is $39.95, the Advantage Report is $69.95, and the Advantage Plus Report is $79.95. There is no specific information on what these reports include.


Screen Your Workforce Efficiently & Accurately With Cisive

Choosing the right background screening software — Checkr vs. Cisive vs. HireRight — simplifies your hiring process and helps you land the right candidates. Accurate reporting, fast turnaround times, and customization are huge wins that automate your tasks and make hiring easier. 

No background screening software provider is better at improving your hiring process than Cisive. Check out our range of products and services and call today to speak to an expert


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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