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Top 6 HireRight Alternatives & Competitors

  • March 5, 2024
  • Christy Clifton
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Top Six Alternatives to HireRight Background Checks


HireRight offers global background check services for employers, covering numerous verifications and screenings. Although the company helps HR during the hiring process, it suffers from slow turnaround, inaccurate results and poor customer service.  

Your business can’t afford to lose time or customers, so we’ve brought together this list of the best alternatives to HireRight.



Key Takeaways

Here’s what you need to consider when looking for the best background check service for your business: 

        • While HireRight provides various employment verification tools and features, there are better alternatives. 
        • Many alternatives offer faster results with greater precision. 
        • It’s essential to compare each company’s features, such as fast turnaround time, reporting accuracy, compliance and ease of use. 
        • Look for a company that can tailor solutions to fit your specific needs. 


Table of Contents 

  1. Top HireRight Alternatives 
  2. How to Choose the Best Background Screening Company 
  3. The Right Partner for Your Background Screening Needs 



What Is HireRight? 

HireRight is a global online employment service for companies seeking to verify candidate background information such as education and employment histories. It aids HR in managing employee screenings and tests. HireRight conducts comprehensive background checks. 

Key features of HireRight include

    • Criminal background checks 
    • Education verification 
    • Work experience verification 

Benefits: HireRight offers an easy-to-use interface on its functional website, simplifying background check processes for users. Its comprehensive services cover numerous verifications, which streamlines HR tasks. HireRight also enforces compliance with regulations, fostering a trustworthy screening process.  

Downsides: HireRight users may experience slow turnaround times, lack accuracy and provide poor customer service. Their after-hours services can be inconsistent, leading to difficulties in serving certain locations promptly. Applicants may have to resort to costly emergency options. 


The Top 6 HireRight Alternatives 

Different services cater to specific needs, offering varied options and potentially improved efficiency. Exploring alternatives to HireRight helps you find tailored solutions with diverse features. Let’s look at the top six HireRight alternatives. 


Cisive Transparent

1. Cisive 

Rating: 4.6/5 on G2 

Cisive offers tailored verification services. Distinguished for its specialized approach, Cisive provides various checks, ensuring meticulous scrutiny of candidates' backgrounds. With a focus on precision and compliance, Cisive offers a range of solutions tailored to meet diverse industry demands.  

Compared to HireRight, users find Cisive’s tools more accessible and better at providing support and meeting requirements. 

Key features include

    • User-friendly dashboard 
    • Clear invoicing 
    • User training 

Cisive offers a range of tools, including background checks, candidate verifications and fingerprinting. Features include compliance solutions, user-friendly interfaces, quick turnaround times, automated screenings and responsive customer support.  

Collectively, these tools ensure thorough candidate assessments, regulatory adherence, streamlined processes, and more informed HR decision-making. 

The user-friendly interface simplifies complex processes, giving operational efficiency to HR teams. All tools comply with regulations, mitigating risks for businesses.  

Quick turnaround times expedite hiring, while automated screenings combine tasks, offering detailed candidate insights. Responsive customer support gives you a smooth experience, empowering your HR department. 



2. Checkr 

Checkr is a cloud-based background check company that offers a wide range of screening services. Employers use it in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, education, hospitality and non-profits. 

Key features include

    • Logical workflows 
    • Pay-as-you-go solutions 
    • Clear reporting 

Checkr stands out for its mobile-friendly interface, allowing easy access and processes. Its efficient platform delivers swift results and speeds up hiring decisions for businesses. The platform's mobile compatibility improves accessibility on the go. 

Checkr users may encounter occasional glitches within its platform. Some county checks might face delays, resulting in slower turnaround times for specific screenings. Other reported downsides include inconsistencies in data accuracy, which requires additional verification steps for complete reliability. 


Sterling Logo

3. Sterling 

Sterling verifies a candidate's employment history and records. Sterling's verification search is conducted globally and includes traditional employment, military history, self-employment, temporary assignments and payroll records.  

Key features include

    • Pre-employment screening 
    • Employee forms 
    • On-boarding services 

Sterling Employment Verification offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface, simplifying the verification process for employers. It confirms employment details quickly and moves HR operations forward, saving time and effort. The service delivers accurate, prompt employment verification, enhancing the hiring process's reliability. 

Sterling has subpar customer service, affecting user assistance and guidance during operations. Canceling services with Sterling could be challenging, potentially leading to administrative issues. Its lag in compliance updates creates potential business risks. 


Paycom Logo

4. Paycom 

Paycom verifies an individual's work authorization. It compares information from a completed I-9 with records from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and DHS. E-Verify can provide an initial case result in three to five seconds. 

Key features include

    • Drug testing and health screening 
    • Customizable searches 
    • FCRA administration 

Paycom's employee verification boasts an easily navigable platform, simplifying verification processes for users. Their standout customer service includes knowledgeable sales engineers and a responsive support team, ensuring smooth operations. 

Utilizing Paycom may present challenges during the initial setup phase. Users might encounter difficulties navigating the app interface, which impacts the overall user experience. If you’re looking for a simpler setup and dashboard, you may want to try other HireRight alternatives. 


Hireology Logo

5. Hireology 

Hireology helps businesses recruit, hire and manage employees. It offers tools for HR and business leaders to manage the employee lifecycle in one place. It has expertise in several industries, including automotive and healthcare. It's designed for multi-location businesses and can help HR attract quality talent and make data-driven decisions.  

Key features include

    • Job syndication 
    • Applicant tracking systems 
    • Candidate organization and communication 

Hireology offers seamless communication through its app, enabling convenient interaction by sending emails, messages and updates to applicants and candidates. This feature makes the platform more engaging and improves communications for all. The platform's integrated communication tools facilitate efficient, effective candidate correspondence. 

Utilizing Hireology's onboarding tool may disrupt the layout and formatting of company documents, affecting their appearance. Inadequate user training might lead to difficulties in using various tools and features within the platform. Users might struggle with unfamiliar tools. 


First Advantage

6. First Advantage 

First Advantage is a global consumer reporting agency. It offers background checks, drug testing, reference verifications and fingerprinting. The company provides bundled solutions tailored to your company’s needs. The integrated dashboard improves the hiring process and delivers quality employees to you. 

Key features include

    • Real-time tracking 
    • Integrated dashboard 
    • Mobile-friendly for users on the go 

First Advantage delivers exceptional customer support, providing reliable assistance throughout the screening process. Their user-friendly interface simplifies navigation with ease of use for employers and HR professionals. It provides comprehensive background screening services, including diverse verifications and compliance solutions. 

Users have reported occasional inaccuracies in the information provided, which lead to extra verification steps. First Advantage might also present longer turnaround times for some screening processes, potentially delaying hiring decisions.  


How to Choose the Best Employment Background Screening Company 


A Wide Range of Service Offerings 

A background screening company should offer a range of crucial services, including identity verification, criminal record checks, employment and education verification, drug testing, credit history checks and professional license verification.  

Additional services like social media screening, motor vehicle records checks and global screenings might be necessary based on specific industry requirements and hiring standards. 


Compliance Adherence 

Compliance with industry regulations is pivotal for an employment background screening company, ensuring ethical and legal adherence. Adhering to laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines is crucial, safeguarding against legal liabilities and maintaining ethical standards in the screening process. 


Faster Turnaround Time 

A swift turnaround time coupled with precise results is imperative for an employment background screening company. Balancing speed and accuracy helps you make timely hiring decisions without compromising the quality of information provided. It facilitates an efficient and reliable screening process, which is crucial for swift recruitment. 


User-Friendly Technology & Interface 

Choosing a user-friendly platform simplifies the screening process. Intuitive interfaces, clear navigation and accessible tools streamline tasks to reduce complex issues. A clean platform layout enhances efficiency, helping HR personnel access, manage and interpret data. Ultimately, it promotes a smoother, more effective screening experience for all. 


Responsive Customer Support 

Fast, knowledgeable customer support is essential for a reputable employment background screening company. Quick responses and expertise in resolving issues provide a meaningful user experience.  

Responsive assistance delivers smooth operations, offering guidance on complex procedures. It instills confidence in the screening process, which is vital for effective, reliable hiring decisions. 


Get a Free Demo From Cisive 

There you have it! We've compiled a breakdown of HireRight and its competitors, highlighting their offerings, key features, benefits and drawbacks.

Of all the HireRight alternatives, Cisive is the standout choice, offering tailored verifications, consistent regulatory compliance, accurate background checks, and a user-friendly interface. For comprehensive services and a seamless experience, Cisive emerges as an optimal choice in background screening. 

Explore Cisive's tailored solutions for reliable background screening. Start a demo with Cisive today for unparalleled employee verification. 


Screen smarter, hire safer. Get the right talent to drive your success. Speak to an expert.


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